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April New Motorcycle Gear & Deals

For April 2011, our assault on high prices continues in Episode V: RevZilla Strikes Back. We enlisted the able assistance of Han Solo (played by 82-year-old Oscar-winner Eli) and the rest of the Rebel Alliance to help us take down Imperial Forces. That said, we've got some wicked deals for the month, some brand new gear that is just now shipping, a contest giveaway and our 2011 Fresh Suit, Free Ride program which enables you to get a free track day with the purchase of any suit over $799. As the temperature starts to heat up, we're more than ready for the riding season at All of the gear featured in this video can be found on our April New Gear and Deals page.

Check out our April 2011 New Motorcycle Gear and Deals:

Alpinestars S-MX Plus Vented Boots
First up for April 2011 is the deals portion of our video. With the release of new gear for Spring, Alpinestars has got some killer sales going on right now of gear that is high-performance and close to pro-level in technicality. The Alpinestars S-MX Plus Boots are now 17% off, down from $349.95 to $289.95, which is a steal for one of their bestselling race boots of all time. Pair these up with the formerly top-end Alpinestars MX1 Race Suit and you're getting some killer gear that is going to perform at an extremely high level on the race track. Replaced by the Tech 1-R, the MX-1 was once the most technical non-replica race suit in the AStars lineup. You can get it now for $999.95, which 28% off its MSRP of $1399.95.

Icon Airframe Predator Helmet
The Icon Airframe Helmet, released in 2009, immediately turned heads as a game changer for the amount of ventilation teeming through this lid. As with most Icon helmets, as new graphics are released, the old ones go on crazy sale and we've got Airframes for as high as 39% off. They're an absolute steal at this point. Moving on to Shift Racing gear, we've got huge piles of Shift all over our warehouse and it's going on sale like wildfire with savings of up to 49% off. This month at RevZilla, we're shoveling Shift out at crazy prices. Finally, the Alpinestars Dragster Leather Jacket, a classic-styled leather, has been very popular but it's going away now and we've only got a few left. $299.99, down from $429.95, the Dragster is 30% off.

Scorpion Exo-500 Oil Helmet
For new gear this month, all Spring 2011 REV'IT! Leathers are now shipping, meaning the Tarmac suit, leather jacket and pants, the ladies-specific REV'IT! Raven jacket and pants are all in stock at our warehouse, ready to ship to your door and get you on the track. The Schuberth C3 Hi-Viz Helmet keeps coming in and going out at laser speeds. Check it out on our website and follow the instructions on how to be on the list to get one the second they arrive at our warehouse. Lastly, the highly-anticipated newest offering from the Scorpion, the Scorpion EXO-500 Helmet, has finally arrived and is ready to ship. Drawing inspiration from the EXO-1000, the 500 is going to be a smash hit in the sport crowd this year.

Lastly, don't miss out on our April Contest Giveaway in which you can be the proud owner of a brand new Olympia AST 2 Jacket and Olympia Ranger 3 Over Pants. Also, if you're looking for hot weather gear, be sure to check out our 14-part 2011 Warm Weather Gear Guides in which we break down our top picks by segment for this year. We cover everything from riding boots to race gauntlets to leathers and more.

That does it for April. Stay tuned for Episode VI: Return of the Zilla.


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