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Arai XC & XC Ram Helmet Review

Constantly innovating the approach, materials and technologies involved in helmet manufacturing, the newest move forward from Arai Helmets is a new approach to the open face helmet. Truly a 3/4 helmet in construction, the Arai XC Helmet and Arai XC Ram Helmet features a longer and "extended coverage" (hence the XC) chinbar, providing an additional 3cm (1-3/16") of length to each chin bar (compared to other open face helmets) for overall greater protection. With their newest helmet, Arai gives riders a significant boost in facial protection, while maintaining the wind-in-your-face nature of an open face lid.

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First, let me detail the differences between these two helmets to avoid any confusion from arising. The first difference is pretty straight forward: the ventilation. The XC Ram borrows its venting scheme directly from the Corsair V, Arai's super premium race helmet, and features a horseshoe intake pattern beneath two cowls that add stability at speed. The ventilation scheme on the XC comes directly from the RX-Q, Arai's long-distance touring lid. Internally, the XC Ram uses Arai's premium guts, a completely removable and washable DryCool liner and cheek pads, which is antimicrobial and moisture-wicking. The XC's interior is a more basic moisture-wicking interior with only the cheek pads being removable and washable. That's it for the differences.

The shell is Arai's Super Fiber Laminate which is lightweight yet extremely strong. Arai always builds to a self-imposed safety standard that all of their helmets meet. The multi-density single-piece EPS liner manages impact energy extremely well, while maintaining its lightweight nature. Beyond the fact that these helmets are open face and will flow air in that manner, there are also extensive venting schemes in both of these lids that will keep your head cool and dry all day long. Moisture-wicking liners and cheek pads help to maintain the comfort levels. The shield is an advanced flip-up that is pre-curved, scratch-resistant and allows a wide range of vision and solid coverage.

For aerodynamics, the Fixed Air-Wing gives a high degree of stability and limits buffeting when traveling at high speeds.The faceshield is also completely removable and there are Smoke and Light Tint shield options available. These helmets are primarily designed for the cruiser and tourer but will also be a great choice for the city rider and commuter looking for the wind-in-your-face feel of an open face. Couple that with Arai's extreme attention to safety and performance, the extended coverage of the chin bars, and you've got one of the most premier choices in the open face realm. The XC and XC Ram each meet DOT and Snell 2010 safety standards.

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