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REV'IT! Hawk Leather Jacket Review

There are a ton of leather motorcycle jackets at RevZilla that are absolutely gorgeous. Bright race replica styling, huge shoulder and elbow protectors, and graphics really do look awesome when blasting down your favorite canyon road or when you pull up next to a mini van at a stop light. The only problem is that when you step off the bike and start walking around town, you're going to look like you're wearing a Power Ranger Halloween costume. REV'IT! hopes to cure complication with their retro styled REV'IT! Hawk Leather Jacket. This jacket is really designed to look great on anything from the cafe racer and rat bike to the Ducati and Harley. This is simply a jacket built to look great on and off the bike and still offer a ton of protection.

Check out the REV'IT! Hawk Leather Jacket Review:

The REV'IT Hawk's design focuses around its throw back 1960s styling. The elk leather on the Hawk feels much lighter and is not nearly as stiff as something like the REV'IT! Tarmac Leather Jacket. The elk-hide just feels looser and has a more casual feel and look to it. The metal zippers give the jacket that real old school 60s leather jacket vibe. The snaps on the waist and collar of the jacket also have that unique look and feel. The stitching looks really cool and continues the overall vintage vibe.  On the lower back of the jacket is a really cool quilted pattern that keeps your skin covered all the way to your pants belt when on the bike. If Johnny Ramone were still alive, this jacket would have his name written all over it.

This jacket has a ton of safety and protection features built into it with ProLife CE protection in the shoulders and elbows and a foam insert in the back that can be replaced with a CE back protector. The seams on the jacket are double safety stitched to help prevent any bursting in a wreck. All in all, you're getting a lot of protection from a jacket that's this well styled. The Hawk leather jacket includes a removable thermal liner to help extend the use of this jacket further into the Fall and earlier in the Spring. Unfortunately there is very little venting on this jacket so when the temperatures climb closer and closer to the triple digits this won't be the jacket you want to be wearing, but that's true for a lot leather jackets. Outer pockets are easy
to access and give you a little bit of room to put your wallet or cell phone. The inner pocket is also very nice for putting an MP3 player in so you can listen to the Clash or the Rolling Stones while cruising around town.

Black on black on black is the only color scheme available on this jacket, but honestly would you really want any other color? I don't think so. Sizes go from 48-60 in Euro sizing. The fit on this jacket is a more casual and loose fit so you don't have to go to the gym for 6 months before you can fit this jacket. This really is one of the nicest retro styled motorcycle jackets you can get.

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