Friday, August 5

Alpinestars Fall 2011 Sport Preview

Maintaining the inner line, Alpinestars keeps you current with a new selection of Sport riding gear this Fall.  Get ready for a full tank of amped gear that features you - on your knee ... across the ground ... in the corner.

Alpinestars Carver 1PC Leather Suit - Who would have thought to put High-Viz on a aggressively styled new race suit?  Apparently, Alpinestars.  Complete with all the basics, the Carver also has a removable mesh liner, a snap-in system for the Bionic Race back protector, and full aramidic stretch panels where you need them.  Also, the front torso is heavily perforated for max air-flow.

Alpinestars Carver 2PC Leather Suit - You've got the drift, right?  Take what you see above, divide by two and add zipper.

 Alpinestars Stella Anouke 1PC Leather Suit - Ending the feminine famine by providing a specifically designed womens racing suit, Alpinestars introduces the Stella Anouke for particularly fast females.  Full-Grain leather, double-stitched seams, racing hump, GP protectors, and PU knee sliders make this no joke for shorty!

Alpinestars GP Plus Leather Pants - All new for Fall 2011, Alpinestars has designed the GP Plus Leather Pants with track advantage in mind.  Its ergonomics are witnessed by accordion flex zones, and its protection gets a pad on the rear, as well as the hips.  The big bonus is that these come in 'Long' and 'Short' versions.  You can ride in top form regardless of your inseam!

Alpinestars T-Gasoline WP Jacket - May you always ride with a full tank ... and the T-Gasoline WP Jacket.  The concept is simple: make it waterproof, give it a thermal liner, add reflective striping and keep it affordable.  Done and done.

Alpinestars AST-1 WP Jacket - Back for Fall 2011, Alpinestars brings the AST-1 WP a style change for a new season.

Alpinestars AST-1 WP Pant - Paired perfectly to the AST-1 WP Jacket, the AST-1 pants trek on in 2011! This year's version adds CE rated knee protection.

Alpinestars T-GP Plus Air Jacket - If you've been sweltering through the heat this summer, suffer no longer!  Laced with mesh paneling for superior ventilation, the T-GP Plus Air Jacket keeps you cool, but also keeps you dry with an inner waterproof liner.  Sport fit, pre-curved sleeves and stylish logos and finish will turn heads as you zip by.

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