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Alpinestars Fall 2011 Tech Touring Preview

Branching out for Fall 2011, Alpinestars has a variety of new 'Tech Touring' apparel geared towards the avid ADV rider.  Both functional and fashionable, check out this tantalizing taste of Fall, and then try to be patient until they are actually released.  Shield your eyes - High-Viz is 'in' this season.

Alpinestars Lucerne Drystar Jacket - The basic building block for the line-up, the Lucerne has a fitted sport touring cut, comes available in High-Viz options, already contains Bio Armor protectors, and uses a 4-in-1 liner system that covers you in the hot, the wet and the cold.

Alpinestars Mont Blanc WP Jacket - Basically, a little brother to the Lucerne, the Mont Blanc WP functions as an all-weather jacket, though without the bells and whistles of the "Drystar" membrane and extra pockets, tabs and vents.

Alpinestars Koln Jacket - So maybe sport touring isn't your thing, the Koln Jacket offers the same feature set in a three-quarter length shell for the ADV rider.  Of course, they added a few pockets in there for you as well.

Alpinestars Cape Town Air Drystar Jacket - Brighter than the Lucerne, the Cape Town Air is a stylish overstatement of High-Viz meant for warmer riding, due to the extended mesh paneling.  However, you are still covered as the leaves fall with both a DryStar membrane and a micro-fleece insert.

Alpinestars Long Range 2 DryStar Jacket - Built with a bit more durability and off-road protection in mind, the Long Range 2 builds on the 4-in-1 design by making the waterproof/breathable membrane a destination layer.  Now you look good on AND off the bike.

Alpinestars Tech Road Gore-Tex Jacket - Stepping up the competition with a GTX Pro Shell, the Tech Road jacket is the ultimate waterproof breathable shelter from the storm.  Astars also added to the protection factor by including ArmaCor panels.  Consider this top-of-the-line with many creature comforts, such as Micro-Velcro, a removable windbreaker collar and more.

Alpienstars Switch Drystar Pants - Moving to your rear, Alpinestars has plenty of protective coverings for your lower half as well.  The Switch allow for a innovative solution to custom length by including a zip-off lower panel to change the hem, hence the height, of the pants.  These also include a removable thigh-warmer for delving into colder territory.

Alpinestars Bregenz Drystar Pants - Add a full thermal liner and 3M reflective striping to the Switch and you get the Bregenz.  Really, what else is there to say, doesn't the name say it all? Bregenz... One more time:  Bregenz!  Ok, I'm done - both the Bregenz and the Switch have the Drystar liner built into the outer shell.


Alpinestars Long Range 2 Drystar Pants - The next rung in the ladder is the Long Range 2.  They bump you up to 4-season riding to match the like-named jacket.  Thermal, waterproof, breathable, and protective - can I have one pant well-done, the works, please?

Alpinestars Tech Road Gore-Tex Pants - Building back up to full-swing with a Gore-Tex Pro Shell, the Tech Road GTX pants offer the same ArmaCor panel protection, full 4-season coverage, and high quality comfort as the Tech Road Gore-Tex Jacket.

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