Tuesday, August 2

BMW MOA Rally 2011 Video and Recap

We are back from the BMW MOA Rally. Exhausted. Out of breath. Overwhelmed by inboxes. But satisfied.

It was a long week working with great riders, volunteers and members of the riding community. All of TeamZilla in attendance had such a great experience with a core group of persnickety, yet loyal customers and fans. We are geeks and nothing makes us happier than spending time with other geeks - beemer or otherwise.

Many say the beemer crowd is tough, but I think that is BS. I'll take a discerning crowd of enthusiasts who know what they want, any day of the week. I call that a challenge. It's a fight worth battling for and winning. If you can serve them and serve them well, than it proves you aren't all fluff and happy talk - you are a real company with a real commitment to service and listening to your customer base.

This year we were tasked with absorbing the entire rally, digesting it, and producing a film to truly capture the spirit of what the 2011 BMW MOA Rally was - all in 3 days. We were happy with how it came together.

We also took the time to try to "live blog" the event and create almost a picture scrapbook of everything that was going on. You can find our live blog at BMWMOARALLY.com. Also in the last few days we have uploaded and organized many of the pictures from the Rally onto RevZilla's Flickr Account.

All in all, we're looking forward to seeing everyone next year and staying (maybe) a bit cooler in Missouri.

Two Wheels Down,

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