Tuesday, August 2

2011 HJC RPS-10 Ben Spies Monster Energy Helmet

The HJC RPS-10 Ben Spies Monster Helmet is a brand new graphic option for 2011, and maintains all of the features that made the RPS-10 such a home run product when it was released last Fall. From its lightweight nature to its extremely high degree of airflow to the stability found even at track speeds, the RPS-10 is one of HJC Helmets' crowning achievements of the last couple of years. Snell 2010 certified and primed for the track, the RPS-10 only gets better with this slick new Spies graphic. Check out the product page via the link above for more photos of the brand new HJC RPS-10 Ben Spies Monster Helmet!

To see our full review of one of our most popular sport riding helmets over the last year, check out our HJC RPS-10 Helmet Review:


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