Thursday, August 18

Icon Gloves - the 2011 Batch

Smell the glove. Smell it's newness. Smell the Icon in the air. Smells like burning clutch and awesome. Duh.

Icon has come out with 4 new gloves for their much anticipated Fall release for 2011. What we are primarily looking at is a new short cuff sport glove in three variations called the Justice. Complimenting that is Icon's next iteration of the waterproof glove, this time called the PDX in all its waterproof splendor.

The Icon Justice Touchscreen Gloves immediately jumped out at us because they are not just a pretty face; they're functional. With the prevalence of GPS systems with touchscreen controls on bike mounts, the annoyance factor of having to pull your glove off to work the damn thing, adjust your music or pick up a call has gone through the roof. Using Icon's new "nano-leather" the finger tips on the Justice Touchscreen allow you to work the display without having to use your teeth to rip the mitts off your hands while moving. Amen brother. Amen.

Taking the core elements from the Touchscreen model, the Icon Justice Leather Glove cement their place as a nice leather glove sport upgrade to the Icon glove line without snagging the extra cost of the Touchscreen. Pittards Microvent, Goatskin 4 colors and a split knuckle slider add a nice swagger to this option.

The Icon Justice Mesh Glove is the same almost 100%, we promise. Key difference: Mesh vs Leather. Mesh = hot weather performance = better Summer only glove. the con Justice glove will prevail in climates which see the tipping point North of 85 degrees. Did we mention 6 colors?

Tag all-season touring collection. You're it. The Icon PDX Waterproof glove is meant for those who see cold and rainy, not as a challenge but as a typical day occurrence. Textile and neoprene chassis with a built in waterproof / breathable liner. Pick one of the 4 colors to pair with your other Icon PDX gear and you are all set. Bring it PNW.

Available for pre-order now and beginning to ship late August 2011, look for the new Fall Icon Gloves to come up roses.

Here come the hot-stepper,


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