Monday, August 15

Klim Snow Gear Video Reviews

As promised, here is the supplemental followup to our Klim Snow Gear 2011 Overview with video reviews of each of the new products. Check them all out below.

First up is the Klim Extreme Bib Review. The Klim Extreme Bib is designed for boondocking and features Gore-Tex three-layer performance shell.

Next is the Klim Free Ride Pants Review. The Klim Free Ride Pants are the definitive backcountry pant, designed for shredding hard and riders who give themselves no limits.

Pair the Klim Storm Parka, designed for boondocking, up with the Storm Bib. Check out our Klim Storm Parka Review if you're looking to get reckless (within reason, of course) in the snow.

Go anywhere, rip anything in the powder with the Klim Tomahawk Parka. Boondockers sweat hard when they're shredding the powder, and the newly redesigned Tomahawk gives you the best chance of staying cool, comfortable and dry all day long. Watch our Klim Tomahawk Parka Review:

Moving into the sport side of things, the Klim Kinetic Jacket and Klim Kinetic Pants are built for the snowmobiler that spends most of his time flying through the clearings. Check our Klim Kinetic Jacket & Pants Review if speed courses through your veins.

The Klim Vector Parka and Klim Vector Pants lead the charge of the Speed series from Klim Snow, designed to get you on the podium every single time. Abounding with technicality that will keep you warm and let your body breathe, check out our Klim Vector Parka & Pants Review if you want medals around your neck.


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