Thursday, August 18

Icon Helmet Fall 2011 Preview

They never cease to amaze us, but Icon continues to come out with edgy, meets cool with a dash of sexy, all rolled into a new paint scheme on their Helmets. Fall 2011 is no different at

Icon recently released 5 new helmet styles for the Fall standing on the shoulders of the chassis which have performed so well in the past. One new Airframe and four new Alliance Helmets.

First up is the Icon Airframe Guardian Helmet, a tribute to our troops and a bit of social commentary on where we are as a nation in 2011. There will no doubt be many service men and women who will have this set of guardian helmet's angel wings just slightly over their shoulders in the tuck this season.

The Icon Alliance Torrent Helmet is one of our favorite standouts in the new bunch if for nothing else but its monochrome subtlety in grey. The White Icon Alliance Torrent with accents of blood red adds a complimentary head turner color scheme nicely to the mix.

Next up is the Icon Alliance Harbinger Helmet. The bringer of death makes his entrance stage right in a classic but updated design. As Icon says, "Drawing skulls is our business, and business is ridiculous." Hilarious, Icon. Thy know thyself well, at least.

The Icon Alliance Shakki Helmet is a throwback to the Shogun style. The Shakki Helmet adds a nice stylish and indigenous touch to any Japanese machine's #1 accessory: The rider.

The Icon Alliance Enchanted Helmet is meant to be on drugs. Fact. There is nothing subtle about Cheshire Cats, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the Grateful Dead or the Icon Alliance Enchanted. Don't tell your mom, but if that's your kind of thing, I guess you win.

Don't fret if one of these bad mama jammas rings your bell and you're jonesing for one immediately. They will all be available late August at in the Icon Helmets section.

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PS. If you aren't convinced yet, learn more about ICON vs Scorpion.

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