Thursday, August 18

Icon Jackets & Pants New for Fall 2011

Get the pole, it's Icon time. Unleashed are five new Icon Jackets and one pair of new pants. Two Jackets are on a completely new frame for the Fall. As always, aggressive and protective is the mantra. If Kumite took place on motorcycles, Van Damme would be wearing an Icon leather. Write that down.

The Icon Brawnson Jacket is textile, relaxed and burly. It has a removable liner and can probably still punk you out. It's a nice retro / classic inspired Icon Jacket to make it entrance into the mix. The Icon Brawnson also comes in a murdered out black color scheme, jawnson. Look for it to make appearance on a ton of rides and riders.

If the Icon Brawnson Sidewinder Jacket was fully sponsored, was born of Randy Savage and Sarah Connor and had a license for baddassery we would end up with the Icon Brawnson Sidewinder Jacket. No joke. Three colors including a sweet orange available - and we heard that Sam Kinison helped design it - from the grave. You could tread lightly in your other moto jacket or - you could incite a riot in your Brawnson Sidewinder of course. Dig it! Ooooh Yeaaah.

The Icon Victory Hard Luck Jacket - Limited Edition - Details to the teeth and impervious to RPG's. (ok we made the RPG part up) The Victory Hard Luck Jacket succeeds the wildly popular Metal God from 2009. You know the Metal God, the leather that Dio and the old man in our RevZilla Videos used to wear. Sure you do. Bottom line: Icon made 100 of these snappers. Snap it up quick or snap yourself out.

The Icon Contra Torrent Jacket is the aptly named and welcomed match for the Icon Alliance Torrent Helmet. If you like to go all matchy-match while your Lid, Jacket and Gloves make you able to bend light like the Predator, well sir, this buds for you. Based on the perpetually popular Icon Contra chassis, we have no doubt that the Contra Torrent Jacket will lead the aggro-draggers into 2012.

As Icon would have it, the Icon Overlord Type 1 Jacket is designed for the Type A personality. Direct, ambitious, unyielding and unfettered, the Overlord Type 1 Jacket will take you into two wheeled battle whether you are Jason Britton or Johnny from 5th street, whose circle-wheelie is no doubt the best in the hood. Like all Overlord Textile Jackets the "attack fit" is a nicety for the spirited riding position.

Jack Johnson is not permitted to wear the Brawnsons. Sorry dude. The Icon Brawnson Overpants are beefy, 900D abrasion resistant, beefy. Beefy like a Manwich, a stage four turbo or like your girl's BFF Krista after the holidays. Sorry girl. You have been called out. The Brawnson pants are the best match for either of the Brawnson Jackets (above). On top of the armor and protection comes the added curb appeal you would expect from a classic muted style.

As you have seen in the past, new Icon Jackets & Pants will be released for shipment in late August to a predicatively hot reception from the riding elite.

It's Festivus for the rest of us, and it's only August.


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