Thursday, September 1

2012 Shoei X-12 Helmet Graphics

Brand new for Fall 2011, Shoei has dropped four new graphic versions of their ever-popular top end race helmet, the Shoei X-12 Helmet. Check out the new styles below of 2012 Shoei Helmets. I'm pretty sure I'll be picking up a Vermeulen for my spring track days!

Shoei X-12 Bautista Helmet - Inspired by MotoGP pro and up-and-comer Alvaro Bautista.

Shoei X-12 Vermeulen 5 Helmet - Inspired by racer Chris Vermeulen.

Shoei X-12 Reverb Helmet - Red, white and blue; wear America's (and England's) colors with pride!

Shoei X-12 Laseca Helmet


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