Thursday, September 1

REV'IT! Summer & Winter Base Layers

Brand new for Fall 2011, REV'IT! has revamped their base layer lineup, with two offerings for hot weather riding and two for cold weather riding. There is a men-specific and a women-specific version for each riding season and they are all using a brand new 3D round knit technology from REV'IT!. This eliminates annoying seams but also allows REV'IT to map the construction in a strategic way that creates more efficient moisture-wicking and breathability in areas where it is necessary.

First up, our look at the brand new REV'IT! Winter Base Layers:

The REV'IT! Glacier Shirt and REV'IT! Glacier Pants are for the men while the REV'IT! Trinity Ladies Shirt and REV'IT! Trinity Ladies Pants keep the female riders warm and comfortable in cold weather riding scenarios. Utilizing the body mapping technology, the Glacier and Trinity provide the ideal balance of ventilation, wicking and warmth. In areas requiring more insulation, a dense-weave process is used to provide maximum warmth. In areas where heavy sweating occurs, REV'IT uses a moisture-management system that effectively wicks sweat to the outside of the garment where it can evaporate more quickly. These are truly well thought out pieces that will perform at a high level in winter riding situations.

For hot weather rides, check out our REV'IT! Summer Base Layers Review:

The REV'IT! Oxygen Shirt and REV'IT! Oxygen Pants are for the men while the REV'IT! Violet Ladies Shirt and REV'IT! Violet Ladies Pants are for the summer-riding ladies. Utilizing the same 3D round knit body-mapping technology, the fabric is more open in areas that require the most ventilation and best possible moisture-wicking. All of these garments are treated with an antibacterial and anti-odor finish that extend the longevity, keeping the funk out so they don't get nasty in the blazing hot months. As technical as the rest of the REV'IT! gear, these summer base layers will keep you cool, dry and comfortable so that your only focus will be on the road ahead of and around you.


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