Thursday, September 1

2012 Shoei Qwest Helmet Graphics

Three slick new graphics of the popular Shoei Qwest Helmet are about to drop for Fall 2011 into Spring 2012, including a hi-viz version. We're extremely excited to see these new versions of Shoei's popular touring helmet. To check the full new run, visit our 2012 Shoei Helmets section.

Shoei Qwest Overt Helmet - This helmet is overt, no doubt. Make sure you're seen.

Shoei Qwest Passage Helmet - Twin racing stripes adorn the center of this new lid.

Shoei Qwest Diverge Helmet - A classic Shoei-style graphic design.


2012 Shoei RF-1100 Helmets
2012 Shoei X-12 Helmets
2012 Shoei VFX-W Helmets

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