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Puma Racing 1 Piece Race Suit Review

Brand new for 2011, Puma has released their Puma Racing 1 Piece Race Suit. Combined with Dainese engineering and Puma's style, this suit brings both flare and quality to the race suit market. Dainese has a long tradition of coming out with brand new suits featuring cutting edge technology; when you couple that that with Puma's savvy style, you get a standout new product that will appeal to fans of both brands.

Check out our Puma Racing 1 Piece Race Suit Review:

The premium full grain leather fits like a second skin enabling the rider to keep their focus on riding. The protection on this suit is as high quality as it gets with titanium and carbon fiber knee sliders and titanium and carbon fiber shoulder sliders. In addition to that, there is CE Rated armor covering your knees, shins, shoulders, elbows, and forearms. The GP-style knee pucks are what we see from Dainese on their high end suits and can be replaced. There is an added GP speed hump located on your upper back for aerodynamics and safety. For comfort there are elasticated panels located above the knees, behind the elbows, under the arms, and across the lower back for ease of mobility.

To further add to your comfort there are S1 stretch panels located throughout the suit for flexibility and airflow along with reinforcements along your tailbone for additional comfort when you sit down. There is a double zipper system along the calves and the inside of the legs, one to get in and out of the pants and the other to adjust the size to fit your calves. Other features include a removable washable mesh liner and Puma accents and logos located throughout the suit for a nice finished touch. All in all, pairing Puma’s styling with Dainese’s manufacturing results in the Puma Racing 1 Piece Race Suit being the high water mark within Puma’s race suit line.

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