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Schuberth SR1 Helmet

Talk about highly anticipated. The Schuberth SR1 Helmet is slated to arrive in early 2012 and promises to be a strong contender for top racing lid on the market. Schuberth brought the C3 to the States last year and it almost immediately became the most popular super premium modular on the market. For this year, Schuberth worked in conjunction with Michael Schumacher to perfect this helmet's design and performance. With Schumacher, they were able to tap into not only important motorcycle helmet features, but also Formula 1 racing helmet features. The result is an extremely lightweight helmet with stable aerodynamics, crazy ventilation and surprisingly low noise levels (a quality that defines the C3).

While we've not had the opportunity to ride in this yet, early reports from around the globe are excellent as the Schuberth SR-1 is in the midst of its DOT certification process. Webbikeworld lauds it for its comfort, immense airflow, low noise, and the fact that it is shockingly lightweight. Schuberth claims 1290g for the XS and SM, 1350g for the MD and LG, and 1400g for the XL and XXL. Each of these is give or take 50g. That said, comparing this to two of the bestselling high-end race helmets, the Arai Corsair V comes in at 1758g for an XL and the Shoei X-12 comes in at 1766g for an XL. These aren't particularly heavy lids, and they are the two most popular racing helmets, so this truly shows how stunningly light the Schuberth SR 1 Helmet actually is.

Since we've not actually ridden in the Schuberth SR1 yet, we can't speak with a ton of authority on its performance. Stay tuned for our detailed breakdown when we get our hands one. In the mean time, here are our curated write-ups of the most important features of the SR1.

Continually tested, weighed and put through a wind tunnel through each stage of development and production, Schuberth Helmets are ensured premium aerodynamics. Through testing, Schuberth has found the SR1 to have zero upward lift, no oscillatory tendency, no buffeting, and feature true directional stability. At the rear, the "D-Force" spoiler is adjustable and can be changed to match your riding position. This maintains aerodynamics, stability and airflow no matter your riding stance.

Every racer and serious trackday rider understands the importance of low noise levels to help maintain focus. For the SR1, they again test in a wind tunnel, utilize anti-noise technologies, and install a wind deflector that maintains low noise levels. This results in only 88dB of sound at 100km/h. These low noise levels are also aided by a thicker neck roll and the optimization of the vents.

The venting properties of this helmet are born from the Formula 1 level of airflow necessity. There is a three-way chin vent, visor vent, and two top intakes that feed two exhausts. The top vents are open/close, feed the channels, and exhaust out huge rear vents. The chin vent is actually two parts and provides a great deal of air intake in addition to keeping the visor free of fog. The ventilation is evidently immense, and we look forward to testing it.

Outer Shell & EPS
The outer shell is made of a compound of Schuberth's S.T.R.O.N.G. fiber and carbon fiber for extreme strength and weight savings. They form the shells by compressing this compound in a vacuum which creates extreme sturdiness. Inside, the Schuberth's exclusive optimized EPS foam is used with multizone and variable density composition for the best possible shock absorption.

Inner Liner
The padding of the SR1 also contributes to not only extreme comfort, but also ventilation qualities. The double-coated CoolMax interior provides moisture-wicking and antibacterial qualities and everything is fully removable and washable. The densities of these are variable to allow effective ventilation. A nice safety feature is the reflective material used on the neck padding which allows drivers to see you more quickly at night.

Visor & Visor Mechanism
Finally, every SR1 comes stock with a Pinlock visor. Pinlock is the leader in fog-free visors, as their advanced double glazing guarantees condensation-free riding. The visor mechanism allows shield changes to happen in seconds with its push button system, the first we're seeing on the market.

Overall, the Schuberth SR-1 Helmet is stacked with features and functionality that will make every racer, sport and trackday rider happy to own one. Its lightweight nature, premium ventilation, and insanely low noise levels will make this an instant hit on the market. Stay tuned for our full video breakdown, coming as soon as we can get our hands on one.


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