Friday, November 11

Shoei Neotec Helmet

Featuring vast improvements over its predecessor, the brand new and highly-anticipated Shoei Neotec Helmet can be considered an upgrade over the popular Multitec. For many years, the Multitec has been a favorite amongst riders who prefer the flip-up versatility, and the Shoei Neotec has simply taken everything that made the Multitec such a success, made refinements and additions, and produced a helmet that is superior and sure to be just as, if not more, popular. Shoei simply continues to improve with each new model.

While we've not yet gotten our hands on one for a full video review UPDATE: our detailed video review can be found below.

Notable upgrades for the Shoei Neotec over the Multitec:

  • Retractable Sun Visor
    • Easily operable lever mechanism
    • Anti-fog, anti-scratch, 99% UV blocking
  • Improved ventilation and aerodynamics
    • Newly designed vortex generators pull air through helmet
    • 276% more airflow than Multitec
    • Added inlets and outlets
    • Vents are flush against helmet to maintain aerodynamics
  • 5-Ply Shock-Absorbing Fiber Shell
    • AIM Multi-Composite construction
    • Lightweight yet strong
  • Dual EPS Liner
    • Multi-density EPS for optimal protection



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