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TCX Motorcycle Boots 2012

TCX Boots is planning to launch their new 2012 lineup of footwear sometime in December of 2011 and we are very excited with what we've seen from the new boots. The six main boots in the lineup are the TCX X-Square Lady Boots, TCX X-Street WP Shoes, the TCX R-S2 Boots, the TCX S-Sportour Boots and TCX S-Sportour WP Boots, and lastly, the TCX Pro 1.1 Boots. TCX's latest collection of boots is bound to be a huge hit and will soon enough turn into fan favorites.

We'll first take a look at the TCX X-Square Lady Boots Review:

The X-Square Lady Boots are the sole women's boots in the lineup. Constructed of a suede upper with patent leather inserts, these boots feature hard part malleolous protection at each side of the ankle. To further add to your protection, they include a back counter reinforcement, toe reinforcement, and a removable shift pad. The closure system is flat laces with a velcro top so that you can adjust the boots to fit comfortably. While these boots are protective and rugged, they are also quite stylish giving you a hybrid product that looks good and protects you well.

Next up, we'll check out the TCX X-Street WP Shoes Review:

The X-Street WP Shoes are chameleon-like in a way since they look like Converse sneakers. However don't let that fool you as they are made from full grain leather with a waterproof lining and have protective features such as malleolus protection and heel and toe reinforcements. Additional features include an anatomic and replaceable foot bed and a vintage-styled rubber sole to give it that sneaker look and feel. Overall, although these boots are disguised as sneakers, they do provide ample protection and give you that good old classic motorcycle rider look at the same time.

Coming up, we can see the TCX S-Sportour Boots Review:

The S-Sportour is a part of TCX's sport and sport touring line of boots as it replaces the the SS Sport Boots. The S-Sportour features a microfiber synthetic leather upper with front and rear padded flex zones, and a comfortable air tech moisture-wicking and breathable mesh liner. To further protect you, There is a molded PU heel counter, ankle guards, and shin guard along with a fully replaceable PU toe slider.

Let's view the TCX S-Sportour WP Boots Review:

The S-Sportour WP Boots are virtually the exact same boot as the S-Sportour. It includes all the features of the S-Sportour with the only difference being that it has a fully waterproof breathable membrane with a moisture-wicking comfort interior rather than the air tech liner.

Now we can check out the rough riders in the lineup starting with the TCX Pro 1.1 Boots Review:

The Pro 1.1 comes in underneath the 2.1, but in reality you're only sacrificing a few things, and for the price of the 1.1, you're still getting excellent bang for the buck with this extensive feature set. The Pro 1.1 boots are off road boots, equipped with an abrasion-resistant microfiber synthetic leather upper and a moisture-wicking and  breathable interior. The dual joint system in full PU provides solid protection against ankle torsion while the grip and anti-heat patch acts as advertised. There is a fully replaceable dual compound rubber sole and you'll see that this boot is loaded with hard part protectors and an aluminum cam lock styled buckle system. For the price you're paying, these boots will provide you with everything you need and more for off road riding as they are amongst the top of the line in TCX's MX boot lineup.

Last but not least, we'll check out the home run hitter of the bunch with the TCX R-S2 Boots Review:

The R-S2 is a completely new boot that TCX has come out with. It is actually the first boot that will feature TCX's Precise Air-Fit System (P.A.F.S) which offers a brand new technology in shoe fit placement for motorcycle boots. To sum it up, there is basically a pump in the front of the shoe which you can use to inflate the boot and adjust around your foot to give you the perfect feel and fit, and then to remove the air you can simply activate the release system which deflates the air out of the boot. The Torsion Control System in the shoe now comes with carbon fiber which is just as strong as the previous material used, except it is even lighter allowing better on-bike performance. Further included in the boot is a metatarsal control system which reduces pressure on your joints when you are moving your metatarsal up and down, a race performance footbed, intelligent interior padding, a rear slider and ankle impact slider. In the end, it is easy to see why this boot is the star of this group, and will soon enough become a fan favorite.

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