Monday, October 24

Sidi Motorcycle Boots 2012

For late 2011 and early 2012, Sidi is releasing a handful of new boots across a range of applications. In total, there are eight new models coming out and we're excited to see Sidi continuing to innovate and iterate on technologies that have worked in the past.

First, check out our Sidi Apex Boots Review:

Essentially a short version of the Sidi Vertigo Boots, the brand new Sidi Apex Boots provide solid protection and performance for a low-cut riding boot.

Next up, the brand new Sidi Tour Gore-Tex Boots Review:

Also available as the Sidi Tour Rain Boots (using a proprietary waterproof breathable membrane), the Sidi Tour Gore-Tex Boots are another waterproof sport touring boot option in the Sidi lineup. Offering excellent bang for the buck and solid functionality, the Tours will be another favorite in this realm of boots.

Next we have our Sidi Fusion Lei Boots Review:

The same in functionality as the men's version of the Fusion, the new Sidi Fusion Lei Boots are designed specifically for a woman's foot.

Last, check out our Sidi Livia Rain Boots Review:

An all new waterproof breathable sport touring and touring option from Sidi, the Sidi Livia Rain Boots are designed specifically for the ladies and packed with features and functionality.

Other new boots from Sidi for late 2011 are the Sidi Traffic Rain Boots, the Sidi Traffic Air Boots and the Sidi Vertigo Lei Boots, all of which you can expect to see video reviews in the coming weeks.


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