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Sidi Fusion, Fusion Rain, Fusion Air Boots Review

SIDI Fusion Boots
The SIDI Boots line-up has something for every rider and riding style. Any hardcore MX dirt junky will have a hard time resisting a pair of SIDI Crossfire SRS Boots. The SIDI Adventure Gore-Tex Boot is arguably the best boot for the rider trekking across North America on their BMW GS or Triumph Tiger XC. If you are hammering your bike off the rev limiter, laying down the laps, and burning rubber at your favorite track, make sure you check out the SIDI ST Boot. Well, who's left? The street rider, commuter and sport tourer looking for a comfortable boot that offers a good amount of protection versatility. In comes the SIDI Fusion Boot series.

SIDI Fusion Air Boots
The SIDI Fusion boot line-up is designed to be SIDI's entry model full-length boot. What's really special about the SIDI Fusion is the amount of versatility you get out of a 200 dollar boot. You could be on a CBR600RR carving the canyons or the FZ1R rider commuting to work in style and one of the SIDI Fusion boots will be a great choice. Bottom line, this is a full length boot designed to tackle all different types of riding scenarios at a reasonable price.

Check out our SIDI Fusion, Fusion Air, and Fusion Rain Boots Review:

The SIDI Fusion is essentially your basic full length boot from SIDI. The Fusion is made to be able to handle the spirited sport riding, with a sport stance and cut thanks to its slimmer heel and foot-bed. You'll also notice a removable toe slider which means a track day isn't completely out of the question, though there are boots more qualified in the SIDI line up for track duty. The Fusion is made of synthetic Lorica leather, which has no imperfections and is thereby more durable and protective than traditional cowhide. On the front of the boot and rear near the Achilles tendon you'll notice stretch panels. This makes ankle movement easier and makes the boot feel a little less stiff. A shifter pad on the toe is standard throughout the SIDI boot line-up and the Fusion is no different. The malleolus (ankle bone) is protected using hard plastic protectors stitched into the boot. A big plastic deflector on the top of the boot protects the shin and a plastic heel piece protects the back of the foot. The perforated teflon-treated nylon bubble lining keeps your feet feeling comfortable in the most active of rides.

The SIDI Air Fusion is the perforated brother to the standard Fusion. The Air version is almost identical in every way with the only difference being that the air is very heavily perforated for the summer rider. If it's a 110º day in Arizona or 95º and humid in PA, this is probably a better choice over 
the standard Fusion or waterproof version. When the rain starts to fall though or when the temperature drops below 50 this boot may not be the weapon of choice. 

The SIDI Fusion Rain is obviously waterproof but has a few differences over the Fusion Air and Fusion standard. First off, you're loosing the toe slider so any chance the Fusion had at going to the track is gone with the Waterproof version. There's also a different liner in the waterproof, which is wicking, slightly insulated, and breathable. The waterproof breathable membrane is bonded to the outer shell, keeping precipitation out but allowing the foot to breathe.
Sidi Fusion Rain Boots
Behind the zipper of the Fusion Rain is a full gaiter so any water penetrating the zipper will will not get to your foot. Also the small amount of ventilation the standard Fusion had is gone. Basically what you have is a boot that is more on the touring side of the spectrum and a little less on the sport side of things. The Fusion Rain is also designed more to withstand colder and more harsh weather conditions.

SIDI has given riders three very good entry model boot options from which to choose. Sizes on all three go from 4.5 to 14.5 so there's a high chance that SIDI has a size for you. All three versions are available in black only. 

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