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Abus Chain Lock Buying Guide & Overview

From the most basic chain lock that'll set you back 80 bucks all the way up to the nearly-$400 bombproof and indestructible chain-and-lock combo, all Abus chain locks share many of the same core features. The high attention to quality, materials, and technologies that defines Abus can only be employed by a company of their ilk: one which controls the entire manufacturing process, from sourcing of the raw materials to building machines to design to the actual construction. By not farming out work to a third party, Abus Locks are able to use the finest materials (such as their proprietary steel) and newest innovations without ever having to incorporate the costs associated with contracting a third party. This allows Abus to deliver the best possible product at the lowest price they can. Abus is the #1 padlock maker in the world, manufacturer of padlocks for the US government, and they have 90% of the bicycle and motorcycle security marketshare in Europe. They are just now coming to the States, primed to make a big splash now that they've arrived. For more details on Abus, don't miss our Abus Security and Lock Buying Guide and Overview. Here, let's focus on the chain locks in the line.

Abus Ionus 8900 Chain Lock

The most basic in the Abus chain lock series is the Abus Ionus 8900 Chain lock. This chain uses the proprietary steel found in all Abus security products. This is hardened steel, tempered from -80º C through 80º C, and then hammer-blow smash tested at these extremes in its most brittle state. The result is a product that is stronger yet 40-60% lighter than the competition, thanks to the quality of materials used. Available in two colors, the Ionus 8900 is an 8mm hardened steel square chain with an anti-picking automatic cylinder that utilizes laser-cut keys. The chain is also wrapped in a heavy-duty textile (available in red and black) that will protect your bike from being scratched. All Abus security products are anti-corrosion and weatherproof,
resistant to the perils of water and other precipitation.

Abus Winner 92 Chain Lock

Next up is the Abus Winner 92 Chain Lock. And boy is this one a winner. Utilizing an 8mm hardened square proprietary steel chain, the Winner 92 is available in a 55-inch length and comes with an upgraded shackle that is hardened and can withstand the most aggressive of thieves' attacks. When you're purchasing an Abus lock, or any moto security of this degree, what you're investing in is a deterrent to thieves and a slowing of the theft process. Abus locks are extremely resilient to a thief's attack and thereby act as a deterrent to anyone interested in walking away with your bike. The Winner is a solid, basic choice in the Abus lineup.

Abus Platinum 34 Chain Lock

Next is the Abus Platinum 34 Chain Lock, available in 55" and 78" lengths, and using a 10mm square chain with the same textile sleeve wrapping. This chain is a 10mm thickness and the lock features a hardened shackle and body, with an additional shackle guard around the exterior to prevent from sawing or bolt cutter attacks. Again, confidence can be gleaned from knowing that Abus is the #1 padlock maker in the world. If you're looking for a long chain to secure your bike, the Platinum 34 will be one of the best options out there.

Abus Citychain 1010 Chain Lock

What sets the Abus Citychain 1010 Chain Lock apart from the locks below it in the food chain is the fact that this is the first chain to use the Abus Plus cylinder system. The Plus cylinder system uses 250,000 key differs (distinct and unique keys and cylinders), compared to the competition which generally has between 200 and 800 differs. Their cylinders are anti-pick, anti-drill, weatherproof and anti-corrosion. The 1010, with the Plus system and an upgraded lock body, offers even more protection than the two chains above. The 9mm chain is hexagonal, which is even more difficult, and the end link in the chain locks with a spring-loaded ball bearing that prevents the chain from falling out and scratching your bike. High-impact resin and anti-element temperature-proof plastic covers the steel coupling.

Abus Granit City X-Plus 1060 Chain Lock

Each remaining chain lock uses the Abus X-Plus cylinder system. The Abus Granit City X-Plus 1060 Chain Lock is no different, employing the anti-pick, anti-pull and anti-drill cylinder that features 1.4 million key differs, attempted to and failed to be picked by the United States Government. Beyond the cylinder, the 1060 uses a 10mm hexagonal steel chain ("as hard as granite," as Abus states) which is resistant to any and all thief attacks. This lock is also the first in the lineup to utilize the Power Cell technology, which features two spring-loaded bolts that hold the final link in the locking cell. Each bolt carries an equal load, so if one ever fails, the other side will hold the link in place, never releasing the shackle. The 1060 is a big step up in the Abus line of chain locks.

Abus Granit Victory X-Plus 68 Chain Lock

The Abus Granit Victory X-Plus 68 Chain Lock combines one of the most popular Abus disc locks with a beastly chain. The Granit Victory disc lock is a streamlined design which works excellently in narrow brake discs. This is combined with a 12mm hardened steel chain that is extremely resistant to saw attacks or bolt cutting. Again, the X-Plus system is used and the shackle mechanism is near-impossible to bust through. Every X-Plus cylinder also comes with a lighted key, for ease of use at night, and a spare key for convenience.

Abus Granit Detecto Electronic Chain and Disc Lock

As we ascend the ranks of the Abus series, we get into some seriously heavy-duty security pieces. The Abus Granit Detecto Electronic Chain and Disc Lock uses the most high-end sonic lock in the Abus series, which utilizes a 3D position control system that is gyro-activated, cutting back on false alarms, and only blasting the 110 dB alarm when a serious attack is detected (via position change or shock). It also uses the X-Plus locking system and a 14mm hardened steel bolt. This is the straight-up brawniest disc lock on the market, combined with a 12mm hexagonal chain that measures 47" in length. You can also use the disc lock on its own, if you so choose. This is a serious protective measure.

Abus Granit Extreme Plus 59 Chain Lock

The Abus Granit Extreme Plus 59 Chain Lock is the King Kong of their lineup, incorporating the most extreme safety measures with which you can protect a motorcycle. This chain, at 13mm, takes longer than any other piece in the Abus line to cut through. The lock itself is equipped with the previously-discussed Power Cell technology, but also incorporates the Power Link system. The Power Link technology means that the last link of the chain is directly locked into the lock body. Doing so means there are no weaker parts holding the last link in place that could potentially fail. After opening the key, the link remains in place and requires a slight bit of force to open, preventing scratching or other damage to your bike. Again, this is the most serious security measure you can take for your bike.

This completes our look at the full run of Abus chain locks. When you buy Abus, you get quality and the best security (and peace of mind) that money can buy. We are extremely happy to add this line to our collection.


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