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Sidi Clever Air Boots Review

Brand new for Spring 2011, the Sidi Clever Air Boots fill a need in the Sidi Boot lineup for a full height touring boot that will be protective and comfortable in hot weather long-distance riding scenarios. Essentially a high version of the Sidi Slash Riding Shoe, the Clever Air Boots combine premium Italian design and construction from a stylish standpoint with motorcycle riding functionality, protection and comfort. Sure to be popular for the heat of summer in 2011 amongst the long-distance sport touring community, the Sidi Clever Airs are one of our top picks within this segment.

Check out our Sidi Clever Air Boots Review:

Starting out, the Sidi Clever Air Boots are a full Lorica synthetic leather upper construction for exceptional abrasion resistance and durability. Within this Lorica chassis, strategically-placed woven vented nylon panels can be found which offer a high degree of airflow but also maintain a solid level of abrasion resistance. Hard protective elements can be found in multiple zones of the boot: there are internal protective ankle pads at the medial and lateral malleolous, a protective toe box, a fully encased heel cup, and a hard shin protector. There is a composite inner sole with removable arch support for comfort in addition to a DuPont polymer shifter panel for durability and longevity.

Another big feature of the Sidi Clever Air Boots is the brand new Sidi rubber sole that is being introduced in this boot. This sole improves upon previous Sidi rubber soles, with a new grip pattern and variable density construction that offers maximum comfort and non-slip properties. While this boot probably wouldn't get it done walking around at work for eight hours, it will be pretty comfortable walking around town when you get off the bike. Accordion leather panels at the instep allow a solid degree of mobility while the Cambrelle bubble liner wicks moisture away from the foot for all day dry and cool comfort. There is also double stitching in all high use areas for durability and the zipper and velcro closure system is very secure.

We think the Sidi Clever Air Boots as a reasonably-priced summer touring boot that is going to be extremely popular in 2011 and moving forward. To see more, visit our Vented Motorcycle Boots and Summer Motorcycle Gear pages.


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