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Sidi Street Boots Review

Brand new to the Sidi boot lineup for 2011 and occupying what was previously a huge hole, the Sidi Street Boots provide a casual-looking yet protective boot choice that truly has crossover appeal within the motorcycling community. Under a pair of jeans, passersby would have a hard time having any idea that you're wearing a motorcycle boot, but you'll be confident that the protective elements in the Sidi Streets will far exceed that of any basic work boot. Combine the protection with the Italian style native to any Sidi boot, and you've got a home run across the board.

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The upper of the Sidi Street Boots are a full Lorica synthetic leather, a material entirely free of imperfections and generally stronger and more resilient than cowhide. There are also textile panels near the entryway to the boot for added flex and comfort. Protection exists in the form of internal ankle ball pads at both the medial and lateral malleolus areas, a reinforced toe box and heel cup. The lug sole is extremely durable, providing high levels of both traction and stability. As with almost all Sidi boots, the Street is double stitched in all high wear areas to ensure that this boot will never burst at the seams. The closure here is a zipper and velcro system.

Since you will be wearing this on a motorcycle, possibly over the course of long distance rides, comfort is a key element. Internally, you'll find a Teflon-treated perforated nylon lining which is essentially a bubble liner for airflow and comfort. The Teflon treatment also helps ensure that the Streets won't get funky, as its non-stick nature keeps soiling at bay. Lastly, a heavy duty pull tab found at the upper rear of the boot is a big help in ease of entry into these boots. There aren't many boots we see that feature such a minimalist and non-motorcycle look to them. For this reason, we can see how this boots will become very popular.

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