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Dainese Soyto Shoes Review

The newest model in the Dainese line of casual-looking riding shoes with motorcycle functionality, the Dainese Soyto Shoes complement the Manaus and the Tulua in the lineup. The Soyto's attention to style and fashion (they look great under a pair of jeans) coupled with their level of comfort and performance will make them a home run in the Euro bike and city rider communities.

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The first thing you'll notice with the Dainese Soyto Shoes is their excellent style. A soft cowhide exterior construction, the Soyto shoes ooze with design elements. There is a large D-Stone fabric insert at the inner side of the shoe which is a high-tenacity twisted nylon that provides both stretch and a solid level of abrasion resistance. There is also a PU insert at the outer malleolus for added protection and a PU panel at the toe for shifting durability. A big standout feature of the Soyto is the Skywalk sole. Skywalk is a third-party manufacturer that supplies some of the most premier high-grip anti-slip rubber soles on the market.

The lacing system on the Soyto shoes is covered by a panel in the chassis that extends over the edge to prevent any sort of tangling with the laces on bike parts, an extremely common nuisance. Inside, the honeycomb fabric liner is excellent and moisture-wicking and provide comfort that will lost over the course of a day-long ride and walking around the city. Reflective inserts ensure that you'll be seen when you're riding the Soyto shoes. The style and fashion elements will set these shoes apart from the competition. See our full range by visiting our Motorcycle Riding Shoe section at


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