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REV'IT! Air Blend Boots Review

What happens when REV'IT! decides they want to make a ventilated boot with a lot of the features found on their waterproof line-up and sell it for a mid-range price point? In steps the REV'IT! Air Blend Boot. The REV'IT! Air Blend Boot is a riding boot designed for the rider looking for a solid three-season riding shoe and for the daily commuter. For a boot priced under two-hundred dollars, the Air Blend is an extremely good value. Unfortunately the lack of waterproofing does hold it back, but this boot is a great buy for dryer climates and the Spring-Summer-Fall seasons in the northeast.

Check out our REV'IT! Air Blend Boots Review:

The Air Blend offers a great combination of ventilation and comfort. This is thanks to a mostly Cordura and suede outer construction. The Cordura mesh is very abrasion resistant and offers some of the best air flow possible. The Air Blend Boot also does come up higher than your typical motorcycle riding boot. This is to give you better protection and support further up on the ankle bone and up to the lower calf. The design of the boot does make it possible for some walking but this is not the most comfortable boot on the market for long periods of walking.

The Air Blend boot also comes with a very strong reinforced toe box with a shifting panel on the top front portion of the shoe. There's an enclosed lace system to help cover the normally exposed laces on the front of the boot. The laces tend to be a point where the shoe can get hooked and tangled on the shifter or break pedal which can be very frustrating for most riders. The lace enclosure is designed to keep the laces neatly tucked out of the way. The inside of the boot is a moisture-wicking liner to help aid in keeping the boot nice and dry when going through tough riding conditions.

The one color scheme the boot is offered in is a mostly grey and black color scheme. Sizing goes from 36-47Euro which translates to 4.5-13US.

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