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Speed and Strength Twist of Fate 2 Leather Jacket Review

Take the Speed & Strength Twist of Fate 2.0 Race Suit, cut it in half at the waist and sell the top half. This is essentially what Speed and Strength has done with their new Speed & Strength Twist of Fate 2.0 Leather Jacket. The Leather Twist of Fate 2.0 is a jacket made for the aggressive street riding and sport crowd. It can also be attached to the Speed and Strength Twist Of Fate Leather Pants to make a good race suit for the casual track day rider and knee dragger.

Check out our Speed & Strength Twist of Fate 2.0 Leather Jacket Review:

This jacket is great for the sport rider who wants one jacket that can hit the commute Monday through Friday, do some back-road twisties on Saturday, and hit the track on Sunday. The leather on the Twist of Fate 2.0 is 1.2-1.4mm cowhide which is perfect to keep you comfortable and protected in case of a high side wreck. The stitching holding the leather together is Kevlar safety stitching with double stitching at the main seams. Knox CE approved armor in the shoulders and elbows as well as external sliders help separate your body from the high impact areas and asphalt. The back has a Knox TP2 CE Back Protector which is normally a 30 dollar upgrade. This means the entire jacket is CE approved. The armor is also sewn right into the jacket
meaning it's not removable but also means it won't move out of place in the event of an accident. The mini GP hump provides an extra aggressive touch to the jacket's styling and will also aid in preventing the top of the spine and back of the helmet from having a direct impact with the asphalt. This is everything you would expect from the top half of a race suit.

This jacket also showed some courtesies to the street rider. The Twist of Fate isn't cut as tight or as aggressive as some of the Italian race jackets. There's a little more room around the stomach and sleeves and it has a more casual fit overall.  There's a ton of perforation down the front of the
jacket to help keep you vented when the temperatures rise and the tarmac begins to melt. The sleeves also have perforation on the leather and stretch panels running down the inside of the arms that will also flow some air. Speed & Strength also put a few perf holes on the back of the jacket to help vent air out of the back. This jacket is collarless so there's nothing to interfere with head movement and the sleeves and waist have adjustment straps to help tailor the fit to your liking.

All in all, the Speed and Strength Twist of Fate 2.0 leather jacket will play right into the street and the casual track riding crowd. If you're a little more hardcore of a track rider then the full Speed & Strength Twist of Fate 2.0 Race Suit might be more up your alley. The sizes go from 38-54US and color schemes are a dark black color, a very clean white, and a dark grey.

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