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Cortech Latigo RR One-Piece Leather Suit Review

So you're itching to do your first track day? You're ready to start hammering down some laps and start dragging some knee through the apex. One of the first things you'll need is a race suit. For the entry-level track day rider looking to get on the tarmac, the Cortech Latigo RR One-Piece Leather Suit is a viable option that provides excellent value for the dollar. While Cortech isn't ubiquitous in the world of racing like some of the extremely high-end brands, if you're looking to start a career as a track day hero, then this may be a good first step toward that goal.

Check out our Cortech Latigo RR One-Piece Leather Suit review:

The Latigo RR One-Piece Leather Suit is everything you need and nothing you don't when it comes to being track legal. Protecting your skin from the tarmac is a combination of perforated and non-perforated top grain drum dyed leather. The elbows, shoulders, and knee protectors all have large CE rated armor pieces to protect from impact and the stitching is double and triple stitched with nylon threads for resistance to tearing in a slide. There's a large speed hump to help aid aerodynamics when speeds hit the triple digits and in the case of a wreck the hump will help to lift your helmet and prevent it from sliding directly on the asphalt as well as give some extra spine protection. To make motion a little easier they implemented accordion stretch panels in the shoulder blades, elbows, lower back, and knee. The inside of the arms, the inseam, and the calves have 600 denier stretch nylon panels to help movement and fit. All you need to do is throw on the GP styled knee pucks that come with the suit and you have everything you need for a track ready suit.

Cortech also added some creature comforts to this suit. The mesh liner on the inside of the suit is comfortable against the skin and the zippers on the cuffs are spring loaded so they tuck away nicely and don't get thrown around in the wind. There's an internal chest pocket for convenience to store your track pass. There's plenty of ventilation and perforation throughout the suit so you won't be totally cooking while the sun is beating down this July. Cortech even took the liberty of throwing in a nice storage bag with the suit to make it a little easier to hang in the closet.

The fit of this suit is pretty casual for a track suit. The Latigo doesn't leave you stuck in a full race tuck when you step off the bike. There a little more room for a heavier set body and Cortech didn't make this suit an aggressive cut like some of the higher end race suits from Italy. Does the Cortech Latigo RR have have all crazy technical features as the Dainese Laguna Seca Pro Leather Suit or Alpinestars Tech 1-R Suit? No, but for the price of the Cortech you can pick up the brand new Sidi Cobra Boots or that Bell RS-1 Helmet that you've been looking at and get yourself on the track.  

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