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REV'IT! Gear Pants Review

Imagine having chocolate and vanilla, chicken and steak, leather and mesh. Well that's what REV'IT! has just done with their leather-mesh REV'IT! Gear Pants. They have made a sport and street oriented pair of pants that combined the best of both leather and mesh. These pants match up perfectly with the REV'IT! Ignition Jacket. The Gear pants are simply made for the everyday rider that wants one pair of pants that can do almost anything.

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The REV'IT! Gear pants combine the air flow and ventilation of mesh and the protection of leather. These REV'IT! pants are constructed of cowhide leather in high impact areas such as the knees, hips, the seat of the pants and side of the leg. The larger areas less prone to damage during a wreck, like the thighs, shins, back of the leg, and inner leg,  are constructed of Dynax mesh panels. This provides the rider with the highest amount of protection possible combined with a high degree of ventilation. Dynax mesh is highly breathable and comfortable but also very resistant to tearing and ripping. Ballistic safety stitching holds the seams together to prevent them from coming apart during an impact or slide.

The Gear Pants also come with a removable Hydratex liner. Hydratex is waterproof, windproof and breathable so you have all your bases covered for a 3 season pant that can even stretch into parts of winter with some thermal base-layers depending on where you live. When the temperatures climb in the summer just take out the liner via the zipper and snap attachments and you have some very high ventilated pants. If the weather is wet or cold then this liner will really come in handy. Protection and comfort in these pants are really nicely thought out. The hips in these pants are Temperfoam and the knees have ProLife CE rated armor. Temperfoam in the hips are not CE certified but still very impact resistant and provides much more mobility.

The knee armor is also adjustable to help the rider tailor the fit. The waist can be tightened with Velcro straps to tighten or loosen the pants based on your size and the legs have a boot cut to accommodate a full size touring or sport boot. The Gear pants have a very long zipper at each leg of the pants so you can easily slide your boots in and out without a problem. There's a short 8 inch zipper and a long 360 zipper connection for attaching these pants to a REV'IT! jacket.

Is black your favorite color? If so, good, because the only color option for these pants is black. Sizes go from 48-58 Euro with tall sizes available. That translates loosely to 30-44 US. They are pricier than your average riding pants but these are definitely on the top of the food chain and some of the best sport oriented pants you can buy.

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