Monday, May 16

Sharktooth Bluetooth Now Shipping

After literally months of anticipation and a long time after the release of the helmet designed to integrate with the unit (the Shark Evoline 2 ST Helmet), the Shark Sharktooth Bluetooth Kit has finally arrived, and we have tons of them ready to ship out. Designed to integrate seamlessly with the Evoline 2 ST, the Sharktooth unit boasts all of the features we typically see from leading bluetooth manufacturers in this day and age. There is no need to buy an after-market bluetooth system and struggle to have it integrate with the Evoline 2 ST. Simply pick up the Sharktooth and all of your communication needs are covered.

The easy OEM installation of the Sharktooth (ST) to your Evoline 2 ST makes this the must-have communicator for that extremely popular modular helmet. The ST system is absolutely packed with features. It can pair with up to multiple other communication devices for intercom communication between riders. It can connect to your phone, your GPS or MP3 player, and act as an intercom communicator all at the same time. The music streaming utilizes A2DP technology meaning that you get delivered a crisp stereo stream to the headphones. DSP technology is also used in the ST system, canceling out noise and echo to deliver the finest voice quality available.

The rugged exterior design of the Sharktooth system is waterproof, resistant to dirt and dust, and shaped to be very aerodynamic and streamlined on the side of your Evoline. The battery charges within 4 hours, and allows up to 10 hours mobile phone, intercom or streaming A2DP stereo music use, and 700 hours of standby time. Voice commands allow you to receive or reject incoming calls and placing calls can also be done using voice recognition dialing. The unit also uses Automatic Gain Control to boost or reduce the sound signal depending on ambient noise and speed of travel. The intercom operated up to 400 meters, a solid distance for intra-bike communication.

Stay tuned for our video review coming soon!


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