Tuesday, December 20

Alpinestars GP Plus Leather Pants

Alpinestars has just recently come out with their brand new Alpinestars GP Plus Leather Pants to complement their line of GP jackets. With the emphasis on protection, the GP Plus pants are built for those riders who go out on the track or for gnarly street riders ripping through twisties on the regular. Alpinestars has been known to deliver the icing on their products and it should be no different with the GP pants.

First lets check out the Alpinestars GP Plus Leather Pants Review:

One thing to note about these pants is that there is no perforation, making it a hybrid which can be used on the track or for sport riding. The bottom of the cuffs on the GP Plus, unlike other Alpinestars leather pants, are composed of mesh to make it more lightweight and let the bottom of your ankle breathe. The GP Plus Leather Pants are also the first track pants from Alpinestars available in both short and tall sizes. The main element composing the pants is the 1.3 mm premium cowhide leather which offers a high degree of abrasion resistance. There are breathable textile stretch panels located in areas that require movement as well as accordion stretch panels on top of the the knees for flexibility. There are replaceable PU sport knee sliders along with floating CE rated GP-style knee and shin armor.

Additionally there is temperfoam to protect your hips and tail bone in case those areas are impacted during a crash. The way to calculate your waist size for these pants is to take your jeans size and go up 16 to 18 sizes. Don't hesitate to contact us at 877-792-9455 or CS@RevZilla.com for any sizing questions. These pants do have more of an athletic cut to them when it comes to fitting so they will feel a bit tight as track pants are supposed to.

To sum it up, for those who are looking for pants which fall between a track and aggressive street riding option, these could be quite a pick considering Alpinestars reputation with their products and the amount of features you are getting with these pants along with their versatility to fit the GP line of jackets.

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