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Held Calibur Gloves

Held, a household name when it comes to motorcycle gloves, has come out with their Held Calibur Gloves for 2011. The Caliburs are amongst that top end sport and sport touring gloves which provide more than ample protection for the casual rider. Held is known for creating high quality gloves, and with the Held Caliburs being one of their top end gloves, these should more than fit the bill.

First lets check out the Held Calibur Glove Review:

The base construction of the Held Calibur Gloves is derived from pittards leather which is thinner than the average leather, but receives a special tanning process for excellent durability and protection. There is also superfabric to protect the more vulnerable parts of your hands such as your knuckles, outside of the last 2 fingers, and down the ulna, the outer area of your hand. Held has smartly located a dual visor wiper on your left index finger to wipe away any moisture that builds on the outside of your face shield. The fingers that the superfabric does not cover have extra padding inserted for additional protection in case of a crash.

The thumbs are protected by suprotect material which is a type of memory foam that stiffens with impact to minimize the damage on your thumb if you crash. The palm is mainly constructed from kangaroo leather, which is one of the more durable and thinner leathers available. The heel of the hand being one of the more vulnerable areas of your hand, is also protected by superfabric. There is double reinforcement up the base curve of the thumb for durability. The gloves have a more generous american cut to them, therefore you can buy them in your typical handsize, instead of having to upgrade a size like you typically have to do with european gloves.

In the end, if you are looking for a good sport or sport touring glove which is affordable, the Held Calibur Gloves are definitely one of the options you should consider.

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