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Held Akira Evo Gloves Review

Brand new for 2011, the Held Akira Evo Gloves provide the aggressive street and track rider with another option from Held that delivers performance, protection and excellent value at its price point. There is a certain level of quality that you can consistently expect from all Held gloves, and the brand new Akira Evo stays true to form and is an excellent complement to the Held Phantom Glove within their race and spirited street glove segment.

Check out our Held Akira Evo Gloves Review:

The backhand of the Akira Evo uses Pittards WR100 leather. Pittards goatskin leather is specially treated to offer higher abrasion resistance than standard cowhide, utilizing unique tanning processes. The WR100 line of Pittards provides a further degree of water resistance to protect the hands in all weather conditions while also being resistant to the ill effects of perspiration. At the palm, Held uses their standard Kangaroo leather, which is lighter than both cowhide and goatskin, but provides comparable abrasion resistance and even higher levels of tactility. Double layers of leather can be found at the backs of the fingers and across the palm for reinforcement and durability. The palm uses flat seams as well to decrease pressure points and maintain comfort.

This glove is loaded with hard part protective elements as well. Superfabric-coated Carbon/GRP shell protectors can be found across the knuckles and at the side of the hand to protect the ulna. Superfabric is tiny laser-welded heat-resistant ceramic plates that offers 5x the abrasion resistance of leather, encouraging the hand to slide in a get off situation. The carbon and GRP shell is comprised of carbon fiber and GRP, glass-reinforced plastic, which is essentially another name for fiberglass. Another material used is the Suprotect shock-absorbing foam, which is essentially a version or d3o or Poron XRD, molecular-level armors that are soft and malleable to the touch but become rigid and absorb impact in a shock. This is found at the backhand and ball of thumb.

The full gauntlet of this glove features a single velcro cuff closure and an additional velcro micro wrist adjuster to ratchet down the snugness. There is an additional foam-backed Superfabric panel at the heel of the hand that will help to minimize injury in a sliding scenario. Also, there is a convenient visor wiper on the left index finger to help clean off your shield on the fly. Available in all black and a red-white color scheme, this is going to be an excellent glove option for the aggressive street and track rider. Check out more options by visiting our Motorcycle Race Gloves section.


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