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Spidi XP3-S Sport Boots review

The Spidi XP3-S Boots are designed to be the street version of the Spidi XP7 WRS Boot. The XP3-S doesn't have some of the race technical features of the XP7 but still offers a ton of protection and performance at the price point. The main focus and design Spidi had for this boot is to fit the needs of the sport rider, commuter, and casual track day rider. The Spidi XP3-S Sport Boot is a well rounded boot to fit a wide variety of applications.

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At first glance this boot can easy be mistaken for an all out race boot. This is mostly because of the plethora of metal and thermoplastic sliders, stretch panels, and high-tech styling. A large thermoplastic shin deflector protects the lower portion of the tibia from damage which is a very common area for injury. Ankle sliders are sometimes forgotten with boots at this price point so seeing them on the XP3-S is a great sign. In the event of a high speed slide or a full size motorcycle falling on the side of the boot, this is when you're going to want to have as much ankle protection as possible. The back of the boot has a plastic fin on it that adds to aerodynamics and to act as a slider in the event of a wreck. Not very many boot manufactures incorporate calf protection like the Spidi XP3-S does. A heel cup and plastic heel slider is shock absorbent and protects the back of the heel from impacts. 

On the front of the boot is a reinforced toe slider that is held in place by an allen head bolt making removal a little more difficult then with a snap style slider, but it ensures that the slider won't accidentally fall off. The accordion flex panels on the front and back of the boot makes movement feel much more natural to walk around in. The chassis of the boot is not synthetic Lorica like the XP3-S and instead is made of a natural cowhide to keep costs down. Ventilation is minimum with a small amount of perforation behind the calf but not much anywhere else.

The Spidi XP3-S Sport Boots is awell rounded boot with a ton of track inspired features. This boot incorporates everything a sport rider needs for spirited street rider to track days. Sizing goes from 41-47euro and the boot is available in black, white, and red color schemes.

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