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Motorcycle Race Gauntlet Glove Guide

With nearly 50 motorcycle race gloves to choose from at RevZilla, finding the exact choice for your application and level of technicality can be an arduous task. In the hopes of taking the guess work out of this equation, we developed our 2011 Motorcycle Race Gauntlet Glove Guide as part of our 2011 Warm Weather Motorcycle Gear Guides. We broke this down into three tiers, mid-range, hardcore and pro-level and selected our top three picks for each of these echelons of functionality. We don't consider any of these to be entry-level gloves; rather, the first tier is what we think is the minimum degree of performance and protection to get you on the track. Going up from there, as price increases, so does safety, overall functionality, and innovative technologies used in the gloves.

Check out our 2011 Motorcycle Race Gauntlet Glove Guide:

We begin our guide with the mid-range level of race gauntlets. First up is the Shift Vertex Glove, which at the sub-$130 price point is our value pick for the first tier. A full cowhide leather construction with a kevlar inner liner for abrasion resistance, the Vertex provides an excellent amount of protection ventilation and overall comfort. Next up is the Dainese Pro Carbon Glove, brand new for 2011, which made the cut thanks to its upgraded protective elements. A full cowhide shell, the knuckle armor is a composite steel and carbon fiber protector with carbon finger sliders and TPU outer-pinky armor that protects in a low-side situation. Soft inserts in the fingers coupled with excellent ventilation round out the Pro Carbon.

Our top pick for this price range is the Icon Overlord Long Glove, which at the $145 price point offers a ton of bang for the buck. This glove uses the most premium materials of anything in the category, with a premium grade goatskin backhand, a Kangaroo palm, and Pittards Keratan goatskin reinforcements in abrasion areas at the palm. The split knuckle protection is injected TPU with additional vented hard part finger protectors. This is also the only glove in this range that utilizes Kevlar aramid stitching for exceptional tear resistance, in addition to TPU wrist protection and an injection molded wrist plate. Extreme comfort, protection, performance and ventilation from the Icon Overlord.

Next is our hardcore group of gloves, built for the track aficionado who you can't find anywhere but the track on weekends in the season. First up is the Teknic Xcelerator Glove, a standout right around the $160 price point. The backhand is abrasion resistant cowhide while the palm offers tremendous tactility via the Kangaroo leather construction. Kevlar lining at the palm and pinky for abrasion resistance, vented PU finger protectors with a vented PU replaceable Airblade main knuckle protector. The biggest deal with the Xcelerators is the Knox Scaphoid Protection System, which is a dual slider palm system that prevents any injury to the scaphoid bones, something extremely common on the track.

Our next pick in this mix is the brand new for 2011 REV'IT! Tarmac Glove, which boasts a lot of the protective elements seen in the pro-level Jerez glove. A cowhide backhand with a tactile goatskin palm, the Tarmacs use G├╝termann yarn which is a German thread known for its supreme strength. The knuckle and backhand is a dual comp aluminum shell for abrasion nestled in a honeycomb impact protector. Similar protection is found at the base of the palm, while TPU hard part sliders can be found at the middle two fingers in addition to the outside of the pinky for sliding. External stitching, EVA foam reinforcements, and Schoeller-Keprotec anti-wear zones round out the features of this standout new product.

Last in our hardcore range of race gauntlets is the Alpinestars GP Pro Glove which is one of RevZilla's bestselling race gloves. It features a premium full-grain cowhide construction with abrasion resistant Pittards Armor Tan in all crucial zones. PU protectors are found at the main knuckle and across the finger knuckles, while the PU injected wrist panel wraps 180┬║ for a high degree of protection from both abrasion and impact. This is also the first glove we see with the 3rd-4th finger bridge protection that keeps the pinky safe from torsion in any get off scenarios. This is one of our top picks and a favorite from the Alpinestars glove lineup.

Moving in to our top level of gloves, we start off with the REV'IT! Jerez Glove, currently worn by Randy De Puniet in MotoGP. Kangaroo leather, Pittards ArmorTan goatskin, Superfabric panels, 3D air mesh for comfort, dual comp protectors throughout, with strong Kevlar stitching; and that's only some of the features. This is one of our favorite gloves in the lineup. Next is the Held Phantom Glove, a full Kangaroo leather glove that touts GFC shell armor with a Kevlar ceramic polymer matrix coating that protects the knuckles and side of the hand. Stingray skin inserts at the palm are backed by shock-absorbing shell for additional protection. This is our favorite Held race glove.

Last in the mix for 2011 is the Dainese Full Metal Pro Glove, currently being worn by The Doctor himself on the MotoGP circuit. If it's good enough for a nine-time champion like Valentino Rossi, it's probably safe to say that it will adequately protect the most aggressive track day enthusiast and racer. This is the most high tech of anything you've seen in this guide, including titanium and carbon fiber protectors and premium Italian cowhide, Distortion Control on the pinky that seriously reduces the risk of serious injury therein. Kevlar fiber stitching for tear resistance, a PU protector at the palm, solid ventilation, and extreme attention to comfort round out this top-end glove from Dainese.

To browse our full selection, please visit our Motorcycle Race Gloves page.


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