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Shoei RJ Platinum-R Helmet Review

When you buy Shoei Helmets, you know you are buying one of the most premium motorcycle helmets that money can get you. The Shoei RJ Platinum-R Helmet features the same attention to quality, detail, performance and protection found in all their lids. The RJ Platinum R is Shoei's take on the classic 3/4 helmet, designed for the upright rider, the cruiser, the tourer, and essentially any rider seeking the feel of the wind on his face while rolling along the open road.

Check out our Shoei RJ Platinum-R Helmet Review:

The Shoei RJ Platinum-R Helmet uses Shoei's AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus) shell design. This weave is a combination of fiberglass, organic fibers, and Shoei's high-performance fiber, which creates a shell that offers excellent impact protection in a lightweight compound; the RJ Platinum-R is DOT and Snell certified. While it is open face and you're going to get a great deal of air flowing through this lid, there are additional intake vents at the brow that can be closed and rear top vents that will suck the hot air away from your head. Shoei's OpenRoad visor is easy to snap on and is completely removable if you so choose.

Inside, the liner and cheek pad materials are extremely soft and comfortable, moisture-wicking and everything can be removed and washed. The helmet liner features a 3D design for added comfort and uses a tab connection system which eliminates pressure points along the forehead. Even the double d-ring chin strap features this same soft material for comfort along the chin. Knowing how important and popular bluetooth systems are these days, Shoei made sure that you can easily install a bluetooth communication unit into the RJ Platinum-R. This helmet is available in ten different solid color choices, so there truly is a style available for every rider out there.

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