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AFX FX-50 Open-Face Helmet Review

AFX FX-50 Hi-Viz Helmet
Sleek, aerodynamic, and stylish are three of the important features to a buyer of an open face helmet. The AFX FX-50 Helmet is packed with high-tech features and is a very technical lid, designed to meet the needs of a ton of different riders. The Goldwing riders cruising on the weekend will appreciate the aerodynamics and drop down internal sun-visor. The scooter jockeys ripping through the urban sprawl will love the ultra modern open-face style and everybody will approve of the FX-50 after seeing the price tag is way below 100 bucks.

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One of the best features of the FX-50 is its ultra modish styling. Its aggressive lines and mini sun-visor sitting above the face-shield makes the FX-50 look like something from the year 2050. These features do more then give this helmet a unique style. One of the major downfalls of open face helmets is poor stability and aerodynamics at highway speeds but the rear lip on the FX-50 is designed to act like a spoiler and remove some of the buffeting and stabilize the helmet without adding much weight. The visor on the front of the helmet helps keep the sun out of the riders eyes and has the most aerodynamic shape possible to prevent it from acting like a sail and lifting the helmet off the riders head.

The internal retractable sun visor makes the FX-50 even more protean and the ratcheting helmet strap makes the helmet that much easier to use. If you're having issues with the sun being directly in your face then just flip the sun visor down. This also helps give the helmet that futuristic look. If taking off your gloves to take off your helmet is an annoyance then the ratcheting helmet strap is going to be your best friend. Push the red clip to undo the strap and the helmet slides right off. It's simple and easy. Internally, the soft helmet liner and cheekpads are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, and everything is removable and washable. This helps to ensure the longevity and cleanliness of the helmet's guts.

For under a hundred bucks you really can't go wrong with this helmet. If this helmet fits the style and design you're looking for then this will be a great choice. It's DOT approved which is as good as it gets for a helmet that's not a full face. Sizes go from XS to 2XL so there's a wide range of heads this helmet will fit and its intermediate oval head shape will fit a ton of riders.

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