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Bell Custom 500 Helmet review

Bell Custom 500 Helmet
Bell Helmets are making a helmet for a crowd of motorcycle riders that are normally ignored with the Bell Custom 500 Helmet. This crowd is the old school cafe racers, the Harley riders, the rat bikers, the scooter jockeys, and of course, the crowd who saw the movie Easy Rider and want to look like Captain America (Peter Fonda). If you're bombing the back-roads on a '79 CB900 that's been chopped, cut, and painted black then this is the helmet for you. If you're tearing up the streets on an aluminum-body Vespa or riding a big twin cruiser, this lid has you name all over it.

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Bell Custom 500 Stunt Helmet
Old school style is what you're buying when you pick up this helmet. This lid has that classic round open shell shape iconic with 60s and 70s helmets. The shell is a fiberglass construction, lightweight and strong. The internals of this helmet are made with modern foam materials and padding to protect your skull in the event of a wreck. The quilted liner also has a ton of retro style to it via the stitching details but is still very comfortable. Bell even put a chrome piece of trim which adds nicely to the vintage styling. There are three chrome snaps for fastening the Bell Custom 500 Retro 3 Snap Shield if you want additional protection from debris.

Bell Custom 500 Speed Soul Helmet
Does this helmet offer the same amount of protection as the Bell RS-1 Helmet? Of course not, but this is DOT approved and nothing can touch this helmet's style. It is a great combination of style and protection and it will also work in states with helmet laws in effect. As with all Bell lids, the solid colors and graphic schemes are expertly crafted. From bold solids to a Roland Sands Designs edition to retro-racer schemes, they all look amazing. There's even an Evel Knievel style. Sizing goes from XS to 2XL so there should be a helmet size to fit almost every head out there. Like all Bell Helmets, the Custom 500 has a 5 year warranty.

Bell Custom 500 Bloodshot Helmet
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