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Dainese Pony Leather Pants Review

The Dainese Pony Leather Pants are Dainese's entry-level leather riding pants. Dainese designed these pants to be able to meet the needs of a street rider looking for a stylish and comfortable pair of leather pants. These have the most amount of protection possible without going to a highly technical track-legal pant with knee sliders. This jacket's 360 degree zipper attachment will accept any Dainese Leather Jacket and these pants are the perfect match for the canyon carver and the rider who goes hard on the streets while seeking safety and style.

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The main construction of these pants is premium cowhide leather. Dainese's holds extremely high standards for quality in their cowhide. As a result, Dainese leathers are among the best in terms of style, protection, and comfort that can be purchased. The stretch panels on the inner legs, groin and running down the back of the pants are S1 stretch panels. These give the pants a wide range of motion and are ergonomically placed to give the most amount of comfort possible. The S1 material also gives a decent amount of ventilation to help the pants in the breathability realm. There are also leather accordion stretch panels above the knee to give uninhibited mobility in the legs.

The Pony has CE rated armor in the knees which is one of the areas most prone to impact during a wreck. The CE armor is removable and replaceable via a small YKK zipper above the knee on the outside of the pants. The cuff of the pants has two zippers that run from the bottom of the pants all the way to the cuff. The longer zipper makes getting your foot and leg in and out of the pants easier. The second shorter zipper is for adjusting the calf sizes of the pants. The waist of the pants have a full 360 degree zipper for fastening to your Dainese leather jacket. The Velcro straps on the waist helps give these pants that perfect fit. Sizes on the Pony go from 48-60 Euro.

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