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Dainese Shield Air & Wave G Back Protector Reviews

There are three different back protector options in the Dainese Protection and Armor lineup. Here, we will take a look at the two mainstays in the lineup, the Dainese Shield Air G Back Protector and the Dainese Wave G Back Protector, which continue to improve with each iteration that is released. These back protectors will fit anything in the Dainese Jacket lineup, from leather to textile, and give you a significant reduction in the chance of back injury in a crash situation. As always with Dainese, comfort and protection is a must, and the thoughtfulness that goes into all aspects of the design is second to none.

First, check out our Dainese Shield Air G Back Protector Review:

Offering CE rated crash protection, the Shield Air G is a solid upgrade for the safety-conscious rider. Designed for extreme levels of airflow and comfort, the entire protector is perforated, and the external polypropylene plates are corrugated, armadillo-style, to allow for proper ergonomics and mobility. At the inside, where the protector is closest to the body, there is an airgap liner that will continue the airflow and help to regulate temperature by creating tiny pockets of air. Furthering the protection beyond simply the polypropylene plates, there is an internal honeycomb structure designed to absorb energy and crumple in an impact scenario to prevent energy transferring to the body. Comfort and protective elements across the board with the Shield Air.

Next, check out our Dainese Wave G Back Protector Review:

A slight step up in protection from the Shield Air, the Wave G Back Protector draws its inspiration from Dainese's race grade protective pieces. At the exterior, you will find polypropylene plates that are both perforated and corrugated for a high degree of comfort and airflow. At the inside, which is closer to the back, Dainese uses a 3D bubble liner which is an upgrade over the basic airgap liner of the Shield Air. The 3D bubble liner creates a microclimate by trapping air and does an excellent job of regulating temperature, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Finally, the Wave G also has an internal honeycomb structure, but here you'll find Nidaplast material which studies have shown to be stronger and lighter than aluminum.

At RevZilla, we are huge advocates of ATGATT, and we're continually looking to educate our community on what is available to increase protective elements of their gear. For Dainese loyalists, these two protectors in addition to the Dainese N-Frame G Back Protector will fit any jacket in the lineup and give you a nice boost in safety at the back.

For available options from all brands, including products designed for racing performance, visit our Motorcycle Protective Gear page.


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