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Icon Hooligan 2 Mesh Overpant Review

The Icon Hooligan 2 Mesh Jacket is one of the best selling jackets at RevZilla. It's light, breathes a ton of air, and is very well-priced. The Hooligan 2 Jacket has been such a great success that ICON has decided to complete the outfit with the ICON Hooligan 2 Mesh Overpants. These pants are for the everyday rider that is planning to ride through some serious summer heat. The pants are designed to do everything the jacket does which is provide a good about of ventilation, protection, and not cost an arm and a leg.

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One of the biggest benefits of the Hooligan 2 Overpants is the enormous amount of ventilation that they offer. This is thanks to ICON's fighter mesh nylon material which is used in the majority of the pants' construction. This material is designed to have a very high amount of air flow while also being abrasion resistant. This Fighter Mesh is the same material seen in the Hooligan 2 mesh jacket. The stretch panels in the Hooligan 2 overpants also offer some additional ventilation.

These pants incorporate many other feature seen in ICON's pant lineup. These include a set of waist straps to help cinch the pants to your specific fit. The knees have Icon's proprietary CE certified Field Armor protectors to give impact protection in the knees in the event of a fall and slide. Stretch panels are built into the knees and lower back. These stretch panels keep the pants from binding or pulling in different areas when on the bike, allowing maximum ergonomics and mobility. The bottom cuff of the pants have an 8 inch zipper to make getting in and out of the pants possible without having to take on and off your boots. Zippered side pockets simply make sure you don't lose your cell phone or wallet while ripping down the interstate.

For 115 bucks, you're getting a solid overpant that has everything a rider would need and nothing over the top from a technicality standpoint. Two color schemes to choose from and they are a classic Icon stealth black and a white-black color scheme. Sizing goes from a very small 28 to a much larger 44. The fit of these pants is very generous (Icon's loose overpant fit pattern) to accommodate a pair of jeans easily.

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