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Klim Summit Gloves

Klim, a constant snow gear innovator, has released a series of snowmobile gloves in the last year, with the Klim Summit Gloves coming in at the top of pile. The Summit Gloves are designed for the most exerting of snowmobile riding conditions. Klim is one of the most well known names in the snowmobile apparel department, assuring us that these gloves are properly equipped to keep you comfortable while riding your snowmobile in even the harshest of conditions.

Let's check out the Klim Summit Gloves Review:

The Klim Summit Glove is Klim's top end extreme cold weather and snowmobile glove. The key selling point of the glove is the Gore-Tex XCR membrane which allows the highest degree of breathability to keep you dry and warm at the same time. The sizing on this glove gives it that reputation to be more of an American fit glove with a more loose fit and bigger size for comfortability. The glove also comes with a removable poly fleece liner, which can be used on its own to keep you warm if you're off the bike or taken out entirely if it's warmer out.

The more vulnerable areas of the glove are protected by Pittards leather, which is specially tanned to be one of the most durable motorsports goatskin leathers out there, as well as being rather thin at the same time for comfort and tactile feel. Towards the front of the hand, there is further leather reinforcement, again for protection and durability. Klim has intelligently put a visor wiper on the left index finger to remove water droplets from your goggles.

Overall, the Klim Summit Gloves are still provide great bang for the buck with all the features Klim has put into them. Already popular in the snow community, we see these gloves as one of the top options for winter snowmobiling thanks to the XCR technology and high attention to quality and detail.

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