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2012 REVIT! Spring Overview

There have been grumblings for some time about a large and exacting push of new REVIT gear for Spring 2012. Consider this our quick glance at the REVIT Spring 2012 Gear lineup, but be sure to check all over BlogZilla for detailed breakdowns of all the gear, including video reviews. Our entire library of videos for this release can be found in our REVIT 2012 Gear Videos on youtube.

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REV'IT Horizon HV Jacket
REVIT Horizon Jacket - The REVIT Horizon looks to be a much awaited all season touring option with the Hydratex waterproof breathable liner sandwiched into the outer shell in a non-removable manner. While we have seen this before from other brands, the nice part, on top of the fact that the High-Viz option is beautiful, is that the chest venting vents directly to the body through the newly engineered rubberized vent functionality. Also without using GORE-TEX the cost of the REVIT Horizon should be more reasonable than some of its GTX brethren. To us this represents another great addition to the line which already has multiple attacks for all season riding.

REV'IT Spectrum Jacket
REVIT Spectrum Jacket - The much awaited replacement for the Dragon, the REVIT Spectrum will have a 4-season touring approach with a progressive and updated Hi-Viz option. The key takeaway for the Spectrum is that the pricing will be in the same more reasonable ball park that its predecessor occupied, compared to some of the more technical jackets. The Spectrum will offer a HV option, a dual removable liner system and the newly upgraded Knox armor in both elbow and shoulders from what we see at this juncture..

REV'IT Indigo
REVIT Indigo Jacket - Much like the Spectrum for the men, the REVIT Indigo is the well-rounded and universal textile all-season option for the ladies - at a reasonable price. Also the Hi-Viz or HV option is a nice step forward in style and protection. The REVIT Indigo has taken its cue from the ever popular Siren jacket and improved upon it in both style and function through a new design and by using the new Knox armor in shoulder and elbows. We expect the Indigo to be a standout and appeal to a wider range of women riders.

REV'IT Airwave
REVIT Airwave Jacket - It was nice to see REV'IT! redesign a classic for 2012. An updated and restyled replacement for the REVIT Air Jacket in both a men's and women's version. Mesh and textile with a sport / sport touring approach to warm and hot weather riding. The REVIT Airwave certainly has large shoes to fill and from what we see it is off to a good start using the newer more accommodating fit pattern (especially in the arms) as well as a utilization of the new Knox armor which has an improved comfort level for both sexes.

REVIT Ignition 2 Ladies
The REVIT Ignition 2 Jacket is a welcomed addition to the Spring 2012 lineup. Look for the newly restyled REVIT Ignition 2 in sizes up to 60 and with an updated style and fit (especially in the sleeves). A Hydratex waterproof liner and and thermal vest round out the new design for both men and women which continues to make the Ignition 2 a crossover hit. The new Silver / Anthracite option is a breath of fresh air compared to the original Ignition which has been a staple for so long.

Tornado HV Jacket
REVIT Tornado HV Jacket - All the REVIT Tornado 3-season touring jacket that you have come to know and love - now in a High-Viz flavor. The HV or Hi-Viz color will only be available for the men as far as we know, but look for it to make a big splash in the already safety-conscious adventure and long distance touring market.

Stingray Race Suit
REVIT Stingray Race Suit - inner knee grips, new top end race suit in a multitude of colors. Look for the REVIT Stingray to take its place at the top of the heap and on Randy, Alvaro and PJ on the grid.

All questions and comments welcome. We would love to hear what you think about this first divulging of the new REV'IT! 2012 Spring Collection.

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