Monday, January 2

REVIT Spring 2012 Video Reviews - Leather

Below you will find our top picks for the leather portion of the REV'IT! Spring 2012 Gear lineup. REV'IT was a beast this year with their product launch and we think several of these pieces will be home runs as we move into 2012 and beyond. Video reviews on the entire new lineup can be found at our REV'IT 2012 Gear Videos page but below you'll find highlights of the new leather lineup.

First is the new top-end suit, the REVIT Stingray Race Suit Review:

REVIT Stingray Race Suit
Next, the new REVIT Bullit Race Suit Review:

REVIT Bullit Race Suit
Next, the classic-styled REVIT Rebel Leather Jacket Review:

REVIT Rebel Leather Jacket

Also available in women's, the REVIT Ladies Rebel Leather Jacket Review:

REVIT Ladies Rebel Leather Jacket
Next, the REVIT Ignition 2 Jacket Review:

REVIT Ignition 2 Jacket

REVIT Gear 2 Leather Pants

Also available as the REVIT Ignition 2 Ladies Jacket:

REVIT Womens Gear 2 Leather Pants
REVIT Womens Ignition 2 Jacket


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