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Heidenau K76 Tires Review

Brand new to, Heidenau Tires are one of the most premier names in motorcycle tire manufacturing. We are very happy to be spreading the word about these excellent ADV and dual sport tires and extremely pleased to have them as part of our lineup. We've recently begun to receive inventory of the Heidenau K76 Front Tire and rear tire so we had our first in-person look at them and an opportunity to a brief video overview of them. Once we've logged a thousand miles or so on these tires, we'll have the opportunity to provide a detailed breakdown and opinion of their performance.

For now, take a look at our Heidenau K76 Tire Review:

Heidenau has been manufacturing tires in Germany since 1946 and have earned their reputation thanks to extensive trials, testing, and developing what they refer to as a "super-compound" of rubber. Prior to the wall coming down in 1990, the high quality rubbers were only going to West Germany. Heidenau, based in East Germany, was receiving a much poorer quality of rubber. As a result, they had to develop a technique of mixing different rubbers to the consistency that they desired. When the wall eventually came down, they were able to access better rubber and apply this technique to produce excellent motorcycle tires.

Heidenau K60 Scout Rear Tire
The Heidenau K76 Rear Tire and front tire will provide excellent longevity and grip for the ADV/dualsport rider. The tread pattern provides tremendous on-road grip for wet weather and cornering, but the deep grooves are wide enough to handle fire roads with gravel or hard packed dirt. Designed for a 90/10 dirt to road application, the K76 tires are ideal for the GS, V-Strom or KTM rider who spends the majority of time on the road. For the rider who hits the loose off-road dirt more often, the Heidenau K60 Scout Tire is a great option.

We look forward to logging plenty of miles on Heidenau tires this upcoming season and will provide our video opinion review as soon as we have 1000 or so miles on the tires.


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