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Spidi Net Force H2Out Jacket Review

With their new lineup of products for this upcoming season, Spidi is proud to introduce their Spidi Net Force H2Out Jacket. Spidi has created quality products for years and with that hard work, they have built up a solid reputation amongst motorcycle riders. For those looking for a Textile Motorcycle Jacket that will fill your sport touring needs year round, the Net Force definitely deserves a look.

First lets take a look at the Spidi Net Force H2Out Jacket Review:

As I mentioned before, the Net Force is claimed to be an all-season jacket with its Dinatech Schoeller mesh panels and removable standalone H2Out liner and thermal liner to keep you dry and warm. The key fact about the Dinatech mesh is that it is better built than your standard mesh with a much higher higher abrasion resistance. Note that the thermal liner has dual sided aluminum lining, a rare feature among thermal liners, which will prevent heat from escaping the jacket giving you that extra heat and comfort you'll need during the colder seasons. This aluminum is the same technology that we first saw in shock blankets and is now permeating some of the motorcycle gear industry.

Trying to further differentiate themselves from the competition, Spidi has actually designed their H2Out liner in a way where it is nearly impossible to rip apart the thermal liner making it very durable and reliable for the length of its existence. The rest of the garment is primarily composed of Spidi's Tenax and Tenax flex material. The primary armor used in the jacket is Spidi's Forcetech armor which they use in all of their higher end products. In addition to shoulder and elbow armor, this jacket is also prepared for a CE level one or two back protector from Spidi and their Warrior chest protector. The sizing on this jacket, like all of Spidi's textile gear, is a Euro cut meaning that you should buy it in a size larger than your American textile jacket size.

All in all, the Net Force is a great option for its price and with Spidi's master craftwork and well known brand, should be a favorite amongst riders everywhere.

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