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REVIT Spectrum Jacket, REVIT Indigo Ladies Jacket Review

The long-awaited replacement for the insanely popular Dragon has arrived in the form of the REVIT Spectrum Jacket. Brand new for spring 2012, the Spectrum provides a ton of flexibility and will perform in essentially any weather condition or season. The REVIT! Spectrum features a multi-stage liner system allowing it to be configured in different ways to meet the demands of any riding situation. Boasting upgrades and a slick style redesign, the Spectrum is also available in a hi-viz version for all the commuters and touring riders looking for an extra safety precaution. There is also a women's-specific version, the REVIT Indigo Ladies Jacket, that replaces the Siren.

Check out our REVIT Spectrum Jacket Review:

REVIT Spectrum HV Jacket
Built on an abrasion-resistant 600D polyester chassis, the Spectrum features new Knox Flexiform CE rated armor in the shoulders and elbows. The foam backpad is upgrade-ready for the Knox Advance X CE back protector. Inside, there is a removable standalone waterproof breathable Hydratex G-liner and a full-sleeved removable thermal liner. Each of these can be used solo within the jacket or they can be used in conjunction. The Hydratex liner is actually styled so that it can be worn by itself when you're off the bike. Zip in the thermal and you've got a solid waterproof cooler weather casual jacket. When it's warm out, remove both liners and open up the intake vents at the chest and arms and you'll feed airflow to the large rear exhaust vent.

There are adjustment possibilities at the waist, upper arms, under arms, hips and cuffs with stretch panels above the elbows. There are two large front cargo pockets, inner pockets and a rabbit pouch at the back for easy liner storage. There is strategic reflective paneling at the upper arms and the back and the collar uses REV'IT's multi-position adjuster to allow you to set it and forget it. There is also a lockdown collar hook allowing you to prevent your collar from flapping if you want to ride with it open. REVIT listened to the community and made some notable upgrades to what was already a stand out piece in the lineup.

Next up, check out our REVIT Indigo Jacket Review:

The REV'IT! Indigo Jacket features everything that the Spectrum touts, but is designed by female touring riders for female touring riders. The lines of the jacket are cut and contoured for a woman's shape and the chest ventilation is moved to the side to allow better airflow for a woman. Also, the shoulder and elbow armor is Knox Lite ladies CE rated protection, which is more comfortable and ergonomic for a woman's shape. In addition, the thermal liner is softer, warmer and more cushiony than the Spectrum's, given the fact that women tend to get a bit colder. Overall, this jacket takes huge strides beyond what the siren was, and is also available as the REVIT Indigo HV Jacket.


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