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Spidi Carbo-3 Race Gloves Review

If Spidi had a competition for their most popular race glove, the Spidi Carbo-3 Race Gloves would come out as champs. Spidi is a well known brand amongst the moto community and have a solid rep of making quality products which look well and protect even better. This rep should be further reinforced by their Carbo-3s.

First lets check out the Spidi Carbo-3 Race Glove Review:

The main composition of this glove is kobe cowhide leather which is amongst highest class of protective leathers available for a moto glove. The fit is European, so we recommend you buy the gloves one size larger than your American size. The seams are virtually unnoticeable on the inside as it is very comfortable and smooth from the get go. Laterally, there is temperfoam to protect the outside of your hands and ulna. There is also a temperfoam panel with some elastication located beneath the carbon fiber knuckle for additional protection and flexiblity. Spidi has included foam around and behind the carbon fiber knuckle, which is already very protective and light as it is, for extra shock absorption and heat resistance.

Additionally, there are carbon sliders and temperfoam panels located on the fingers and elasticated stretch panels on the middle and pointer fingers with extra layers of leather on each finger for further protection. There is a nice large piece of clarino located on the outside part of your hand for the protection needed in case of a low side crash since that is the first part of your hand that will come into contact with the ground. On the inside of the palm, there are rubberized grip panels located on the areas of your hand that hold the handlebars to give you solid grip. The heel has an additional shock absorbing layer above the protective clarino layer as well as a slider on the side of your hand.

For the protection you recieve from Spidi with these gloves, along with their killer looks, it's no surprise they are amongst Spidi's finest and a fine choice indeed.

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