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Spidi NK3 H2Out Gloves Review

As we are in the beginning phases of this winter season, it is time to take a look at winter glove options. Spidi released their Spidi NK3 H2Out Gloves last year, designed to combat harsh cold weather and all modes of precipitation. Spidi has been a well known manufacturer of moto gear for quite some time now, and their coldest weather winter glove will not disappoint with its extensive protective elements for the sport and long-distance touring rider.

Let's check out the Spidi NK3 H2Out Gloves Review:

The NK3 is a textile and leather glove with a built in H2Out liner designed to keep water out and allow your hand to breathe at the same time, essentially Spidi's version of Gore-Tex. There is a comfortable fleece lining on the inside as well as 150 grams of Primaloft, a type of premium insulation primarily used in high end products to keep you warm. This glove is a long distance touring glove, so whether you are commuting to work or going on a multi-week ride, these gloves will keep you warm throughout your journey. The NK3 does have a euro fit to it, so it is recommended you buy them in a size larger than your American glove size.

The textile is mainly DuPont Cordura which is extremely abrasion resistant and provides excellent durability. The full gauntlet feature enables you to keep your entire hand warm without having any areas bare. The leather is primarily cowhide leather used in most premium gloves to beef up the glove and provide ample protection. The knuckle protector is comprised of Spidi Powertec, which is polyurethane with a foam panel behind it to maximize shock absorption. There are elasticated panels located on the fingers and behind the knuckle for additional flexibility. Minus the pointer finger which is composed of a double layer of leather, the fingers have cordura wrapping for durability and solid protection. There is also clarino reinforcement located on the palm and areas of your hand which hold the handlebars for additional grip and durability. The heel of the palm has an extra leather layer stitched with kevlar for further protection as well as a lateral layer protecting from a low side impact scenario.

There is no surprise that this is Spidi's top end winter touring glove, as it loaded with features and beefed up to keep you warm and well protected.

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