Monday, February 6

Icon Spring 2012 Helmets

Icon Airframe Pleasuredome
Invading your roads for spring, ICON 2012 Helmets have yet again broken all rules and regulations with their grappling, edgy helmet graphic designs. The Alliance gets 3 wild new looks, while the Airframe gets one that says it all. In addition, the Variant has been stripped down to the raw with three tones that reveal the naked fibreglass/carbon shell for what it really is.

Lets start with the new ICON Airframe Pleasuredome Helmet. Icon says it best: "A world of volcano hideouts, private rocketships, and exotic concubine ninjas is no place for just any man. It requires a man who understands culture, architecture, and fine bourbon. A man who controls time, rides true, and falls up. Are you such a man?" The Pleasuredome
Icon Alliance Ascension
knows no understatement - but really, are we surprised?

Next up, the Alliance Helmets receive three very contrasting new skins. The ICON Alliance Ascension depicts a dismal backdrop of a barren cityscape. The crying angel in the foreground seems to say that heaven weeps for humanity. The question is: does she weep for you, or those who stand in your path?!

At the other end of the spectrum, the ICON Alliance Chrysalis Helmet allows you to show your true colors - namely, pink and purple. Covered with sugar and spice and everything nice (and a few butterflies for good measure), the Chrysalis is equally suited for your hot date pillion, or the
fearless femme fatale ready to take the world head-on wearing
Icon Alliance Chrysalis
this eye-catching lid.

Now we know that not all riders are in a young hooligan demographic. Never fear, the ICON Alliance Headtrip Helmet is here for those who are looking for that 60s-70s throwback. Poignantly balanced between Hippie and British invasion, the Headtrip is all but guaranteed to help you re-live your glory days. Last, but not least, the Aliance Threshold helmet is now available in green - Go Kawasaki!

No, your helmet isn't broken, we promise!
Icon Alliance Headtrip
The new ICON Variant helmets have applied gritty texture over an unfinished look. Styled after the original Airframe Construct, the point here with the ICON Variant Construct Helmet is to showcase the grisly underbelly of your helmet. Under all that paint, the fibreglass/carbon shell doesn't look that pretty, unless of course, that is what your going for. As always, ICON takes it one step further and casts two weathered textures overtop of the revealed shell for maximum overstatement. The ICON Variant Battlescar Covert Green agrees with the military pallet, while the Variant Battlescar Dark Earth is more reminiscent of a rogue faction of Dune warriors. The Variant Construct is also brand new for this season, and plays off the graphic we previously saw in the Airframe Construct.

Icon Variant Battlescar
All told, we expect this year to be no less earth-shattering than the last with these bizarre new graphics. It seems that ICON knows boundaries when it comes to assaulting new genres of riders with their unique designs.

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