Monday, February 6

ICON Stryker Rig and Battlescar Vest

Born from the long-standing Field Armor line, the ICON Stryker Rig is the epitome of impact protection. Now, rather than piecing together the individual Stryker parts, you can purchase the Rig as an all-in-one. Layered with a combined construction of CE approved D30 inserts and articulated injection molded hard panels, the aim here is to be bulletproof ... well, don't quote me on that. Aside from the protection, the Stryker Rig is also designed to be comfortable and functional. There are several adjustments via waist straps and elbow straps as well as the stretch material that tailors to your particular bodyshape. In addition, the entire chassis is moisture-wicking and air-flowing to keep you cool when things get hot.

However, if all this is too much, you can still get the original vest, or its new compadre, the ICON Stryker Battlescar Vest. Styled after the Variant Battlescar Helmet, the Battlescar vest takes one of the most popular protective items on the market and gives it a more modern warfare approach. For a bolder, more colorful approach, consider the new Icon Stryker Driver Vest as your best bet.

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